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And I so Casey Silver actually actually recommend suggested me to to Stevens had tried this guy. He's on the payroll so he's super cheap and you know seems like he's relatively fast. When you see what you can get so I read it and I thought wow this is really difficult but I had an approach so I went and met Stephen told him this is what I think and he said great do that and so it was very very little guidance upfront. I mean a few John and he to this day that he'll he'll give you some general stuff but he really really wants to see what you do and you try. I know what I think. Lavar this avoid that I'd love to see this in in that case. He had a couple of sequences where he he said the T. Rex attack on the road was basically was already story boarded and he said I don't know who the people are. This is what happens sequence saving and figure it out and and so there was a again built in advantages but you know it was winning the characters in combat who needed to be combined. How does the tone of the book which is pretty dark and not necessarily early. GonNa Sustain in. It's not that it was well. We WanNA wider audience in that. It was Stevens. Viewpoint is more uplifting than that so if you if you give him something. Let's you know this is the guy who found you know the uplifting tale about the Holocaust. It's not it's just his worldview so to try to find the lighter tone preserve characters used to die and find a different approach for him and stuff like that so I just kind of came in and told them what I thought and then I went and did an outline they just kind of went well and this is something that you probably thought had a good chance of going well at Steven Spielberg. It's a bestselling novel we didn't that that was the thing because it was ninety two when when we made the movie yeah so it was the dawn of CG right so it's really the last reference insult was still ray. Harry Housing and which is referred to in the movie with the wind dinosaurs ruled the Earth a banner that floats down so everything stop motion was the last time we'd seen dinosaurs on film. I think guys in suits remaking cognitive doom yes so the notion that they were going to be realistic. It was just a leap of faith and they could have been laughable. and I remember the the test there was going to be a lot more robotic dinosaurs in initially Stan Winston. You know there's a ton of robotic stuff in it Stan Winston too great work but basically if you see if you see them from the head up it's it's it's Bravo tree and if you see their legs at cj cg but I remember the day all changed with this test came back from Iowa lamb that was a velociraptor running in place and it was just the just the skeleton there's there's no musculature no skin or anything and we were in the Amblin screening room and watch this test and it was so cool and the movement was so smooth and not herky-jerky at all that everybody thought this might were interesting. Actually Frame of Reference was stop motion which is characterized by its herky-jerky has because there's only so many I mean you're moving it physically so you can't make a thousand movements a second you can make twenty four movements a second which turns out to be pretty herky-jerky or even fewer so simply the smoothness of the motion before you see textures That's what got you yeah. It was and also the the only other. CG The only other big CG movie there'd been I may be wrong but it seems was terminator two but that used really fluid and Shiny Liquid Ryan which is totally cool but it wasn't like trying to create an animal and dinosaurs were supposed to be real animals not monsters. There's always a thing you could find on the set. If you call him a monster their animals they're not monsters yeah so it was very much a gamble and then on the other side of it coming out now. You've got this enormous blockbuster under your belt. You know a a true blockbuster when it's time for you to write your next one do you now at. I'm just always curious about how success impacts us as writers do things changed. You now feel like okay I. I'm naming for something now now or do you just ignore all of it and do your job. It's really hard to I feel like I stayed a very decent human being ah according to me and I am not a great judge character and I think I did I've done I've done good writing on and off but the it's very hard I was twenty twenty nine when it came out or just turning thirty and it became the biggest movie of all time there's no way that doesn't just fuck you. Ah If only in that can you ever be satisfied again you know and I I really feel like it took me tw- till my early fifties now. I'm fifty six now to where I felt like. I'm gonNA stop feeling like Gosh true would be great to have another one of those someday and I'm GonNa feel like they'll never be another one of those but I'm grateful that I had it. What an extraordinary experience. How lucky am I right and that's you know I I feel like it took a very long time and I I did. Have you know I wrote a lot of big movies but a lot of that is a lot of it is because I love those movies and I had a great time writing them. usually sometimes horrific time writing but those are the movies. I wanted to go see and and that was always my litmus test was would I wanna pay you know whatever it cost at the time to sit down and see this movie would make me happy to sneak in a burrito lunchtime and watch this movie. and I feel like I obeyed that all the time and I was varying degrees of success. Sometimes you're just sometimes even if you say that you're kind of doing it because it feels like well. That'd be a hidden. Wouldn't it be fun to have a hit uh-huh but your your sincerity gets sniffed out pretty quickly I think by the gods you know going from a giant blockbuster adaptation into this next movie. You'RE GONNA be directed. I think you should leave is based on an incredibly slender German novel. It's it's actually you should have left. It should have much more conclusive. It's not not an expression of opinion even shorter very German. You should have loved you really with Netflix show. I think you should leave right. I should've after and I've seen that he should leave. Yes so it's it's a tiny paranoid is almost more like a panic situation whereas I it's a metaphysical. You know kind of haunted house. ooh. You know mortgage sort of stuck in a place. What draws you to that kind of allegation? After doing these giants or division Davinci Code kind of patients will I've always tried I re. I like all different kinds of movies so I've really tried mix it up and I also you know it is if you're if you're lucky enough to have a success in any area. That's what Hollywood like very much replicate that so yeah. It's a lot of unanswered questions from Journal. I really think you can go to them. I do there's at least ten more episodes. What happened between the episodes. That's what I like. There's ten more shows in there between everybody just sleeps of course they just sleep. They've moved. They don't move justly but I try to throw them off two cents. It's a little bit. Try to keep it fresh for yourself and do things that are interesting in different I've always felt in my original stuff and I've tried to split split my time about fifty fifty and I have is just the originals get made less often now in my original stuff. I I'm drawn to slightly darker certainly certainly paranoid kind of things and I also really helped in as a writer when it's not an adaptation by having a very well defined bottle you know. Is it in panic room it was. I'd never want to leave the house and I almost succeeded. There's a few minutes at the beginning and a scene at the end. Were there outside the house. the papers movie. I wrote about journalism analysts my brother and it was twenty four hours. It was exactly the news what was then the news cycle from seven to seven am and in within that structure that once once I have the box I feel like now I can decide what goes in it and I feel actually freed by the constraint it because when it's when you pick from anything it's over when exactly it's it's. It's too difficult. Even Lawrence of Arabia had containment. It was a period of this guy's life yeah so I feel like I I forgot the question going back to you should have left. It has a tremendous amount of constraint because essentially you get your house and your house I mean it's it's almost bloom house kind of model where it's a variable in house so it's very house model is let's new for them. Even before war they were involved. I thought these these are going to be the guys for this. that one. I really wanted to do heavily mixed feelings about directing because it can be great fun in an incredibly satisfying when you get something by the way you want it and whether it's successful or not it's the way you want it but it takes over your life in ruins it and and it's it's just it's physically emotionally socially domestically they ten years between Leanne my last directing thing be largely because that thing I just couldn't young kids could often. I don't see any reason to direct. There's all these wonderful dogs August. I got it from him. Scott Frank probably right. It's dogs work but you keep doing the dogs work. I yeah isn't that where you're you're into it. You Talk to my wife about that. It's no she's articulate on the subject but also resigned. She's like no. I don't think you should do it. I think it makes are you unhappy. We're fine. We'll we'll. We'll miss night but you're miserable under house well yeah but yeah I wanted to. You should have left a couple of things I had Kevin. Bacon is a great actor and I saw a potential for something really special for him to do when he stopped spectacular job with it I wanted to do. I like a bottle and I wanted to do this little family. In this weird place in strange things happen to them. He's not a writer book. He was a writer but I don't think the world needs anymore. Movies about writer tailing literally a screenwriter in the first thing we change our thoughts on what he wants to see a movie body unless you guys are writing on which case if we are we should stop employees to stop and I didn't I the last movie directed before that was kind of catastrophe in every way shape and form and I which which I like that there are many likable things in it and I thank you for that no problem but it really funny there. There are bits that are funny but it's an arguable bowl that critically commercially impersonal personally. It was desirable but I didn't want to leave it at that. I felt like why don't ever want to direct again but I certainly they don't WanNa leave it at that literally making a movie just to say no the subject matter a lot and I love. Kevin and I felt like I could do something especial good. I cleanse the palate what's worse yeah. You know it's I have yeah well. You know what I like about you in so much but you know full disclosure. We've been friends for awhile so this is genuine but aside. I'm from being a terrific writer who has this remarkable track record and really does deserve what John said. At the beginning. You are one of our legends. You take huge swings. It's not like you've sat on your laurels. You're not one of those guys who said okay well. You know what I'm going to make these two huge movies and now I'll just show once every six years to sprinkle my magic fairy dust on something that was already going to be beloved anyway. You take big swings. You're you're always risking things to to to get out there and whether it works or doesn't doesn't work commercially or critically or any of that stuff. I think that's wonderful. I think there are so many people who are so petrified of violating whatever what is their own brand. I mean when people say the word brand of lose my shit because it's essentially the antithesis of what we're supposed to be doing as writers writers or artists which is being genuine and that should mean taking swings so. I just think that's wonderful that you do. It and you're still doing it. I'm trying oh I admire Steven soderbergh's career a lot and he's a great guy and he he really takes cut at stuff and you're like hitter. Sometimes you know he it's all at one and other times. That's what I mean. When you swing hard and fall down everyone left. No I was a bit surprised as long as we brought up the the M word this movie directed recently. I was a bit surprised not that it got bad reviews because certainly by the time it comes to reviews you've shown it to enough audiences and enough people and you're getting a sense that the reaction is less than a trouble in the air but the anger surprise you. I felt we didn't heard anyone and you can't eat it was by no means a safe choice. We're trying to make like a nineteen sixty six comedy like Terry Thomas Yeah. Yeah that's got see. I thought it what I thought. People just released look people. I can't blame people for liking or not liking things but I I thought that at least critically this pylon in this kind of orgy of delightful hatred completely missed the point of what you're saying..

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