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Mr garner's death most have a consequence of its own Pat Lynch as president of the police officers union here he blasted the commissioner the leadership has abandoned ship and left our police officers on the street alone o'neill said he understands that most officers are not happy if I was still a cop I probably be mad at me I would he said he is looking out for police officers and for New York City Steve casting about anyway White House is insisting the fundamentals of the US economy are still strong following mounting concern that a recession could endanger president trump's reelection the US is setting records for low unemployment but growth is slowing and stock markets of swung wildly in recent weeks what's your any general William Barr is removing the acting director of the federal bureau of prisons Linda canyon tells for the Attorney General has removed Hugh her which the acting director of the bureau of prisons the move comes one week after the death of Jeffrey abstain in his announcement William Barr did not mention the abstain case which led to a shakeup at the federal detention center in New York where F. sting was being held bar did say doctor Kathleen hawks Sawyer who served as the head of the bureau of prisons between nineteen ninety two and two thousand three will take over as the new director of the bureau abstain the disgraced financier accused of sex trafficking hanged himself in his prison cell he was found dead on August tenth Linda Kenyan washing attorney Scaramucci the former White House communications director who withdrew his support for president trump is assembling a coalition to denounce the president ahead of the election I'm.

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