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Who aren't really open about what's happened to them in their pass but they have reactions there's a lot of fear in a lot of anxiety sometimes reactions just out of nowhere and you reminded me that we need to always hold empathy have impetus for that that experience right because it's it's i don't know is a really hard thing to be on the other end of that if you aren't causing harm to person but they're suddenly fearful year didn't instead of being defensive to have empathy yet i mean you hit the his whole yes i mean empathy if there's something to be said for someone choosing maps be defensive but whose ing instead to care you know to to ask questions about what's going on i dated just a few people since i've been divorced from exhusband some of them couldn't quite understand why i reacted the way i did some of them will vary the fetig about the situation i think it just takes understanding noah takes knowing that you are dealing with someone who was systematically torn down but not only smugly torn down harmed physically you know someone that they loved in someone that they trusted may have tried to kill them more than once you know in what that does to your brain you know to to your actual braids year actual reactions is different than than what might happen if you if you just experienced a break up in there was no danger involved in there is no violence involved in you know you're said about it but you go onto to love again it's completely different for someone with domestic violence everything is changed you don't know who to trust someone that you love her year they were different in the beginning and then they suddenly changed in they said they would stop and they didn't stop so i mean just think of trust there have you rebuild trez you know you have to have a live there be a lot of compassion in so i just wanted to say that because i think you know a lot of times when i'm you know survivor circles or when you know listening to stories about domestic violence or here reading about them we talk about healing we talk about therapy and all those things are necessarily talk about you know compassion in that's also necessary but i think it's really important to know in understand that handling someone that is experienced messing violence with cares essential to maintaining relationship with them if you want to it has to be very intentional acted takes a lot of maturity you know it takes a lot of understanding but i think it's it's something that that's worth it and i hope that more people can do it so powerful thank you so much for joining me love numbers i did too i really did i you know i think talking to you from the day we met i knew that you or someone that i wanted to be friends with i wanted to know i just think you know your spirit in your intelligence in your kindness than just you know the way that you're not afraid to challenge is just something that's inspirational to me in so thank you for having me on current enjoyed it livy is awesome thank you i think you i'm going to stop now thank you so much for.

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