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Early dementia, and possibly would be going into Alzheimer's. What's your trading have any help for those kind of people? What what kind of question, they're all their number of different kinds of dimensions, Alzheimer's dementia Parkinson's dementia, and what's called nonspecific dementia. They're all characterized by loss of alpha waves and progressive replacement by the and then delta as function intellectual function deteriorates now in nonspecific dementia. There may not be an underlying disease course, it may be that the blood vessel simply aren't dilating. Well in a case like that people can have almost complete recovery by learning to increase their away. Which of course is the problem once out throw sclerosis sits in the office starts to slow by eight tenths of a hurts for every ten years of life. And once it drops off the lower end of eight hurts people quickly enter senescence analogy often dies in there after. Now in both Parkinson's dementia and Alzheimer's dementia. The same thing is happening. And if you do brainwave training for those people you can have some Elsa training, you can have some restoration of function. But eventually the underlying disease course will bring the person down. So would have to have an approach where you would also treat the underlying condition as well as treating the loss of alpha. Interesting take on that. I mean, did you learn all this by trial and error? Jim. Well, I've been doing this work in a professional way since nineteen seventy one. So even if you're not a very bright bulb. You know, you just keep at something. And you get good. Thanks, joe. In Long Island, New York. Joe Jim two quick questions of all you look at colleague Simon after all these years. She's still gets stage fright, and I'm wondering what you would say about her is she because obviously people like affords, but to see have imposter syndrome pretender syndrome where she doesn't feel. She's calling Simon the second question would be about. You know, you're talking about extreme swimming himself and metaphorically speaking to some people, they're extreme sport is like coming up for you know, what they do regularly is like they feel like just consigned, and you know. Something that would be considered rescued too. Many people like surfing, forty thirty ways skydiving to them. It's like coming up for fresh air. Okay. Let me come on. Both of those the stage you have executive here. Well, it turns out alpha is like a silver bullet against eighty my doctoral. Dissertation was studying the effects of alpha training on reducing -iety that work led to a publication in science magazine. Seventh day of the seventh month in nineteen seventy eight and so I have a chief to the highest level of peer review possible for scientists by getting my publication alpha reduces anxiety. I also wanna large quarter million dollars federal grant, entitled anxiety and aging intervention with EEG also feedback. L increases both reducing Zayed's and they reduce aging in the brain more than that, they reverse aging in the brain. So anyone who's elderly anyone who has stage fright or any kind of fear anxiety would benefit enormously by doing the also training now about the extreme of swimming long distance underwater, swimming, I started, you know, in grade school swing across the pool short way, and then you know, twice and then three times and then the length then the link twice the length three times. And so I trained myself to hyperventilate now it turns out that have what's called the diving reflex. And when you throw a mammal into the water, it shut its body responds by reducing blood flow to the body and increasing blood flow to the brain. So if you hyper ventilate and go underwater and try to swim a long time, you will get bigger blood vessels feeding the brain. This is the one. Thing that a parent can do to significantly increase the IQ of their child after it's born by getting them to do long distance underwater, swimming, you could also have the child practice breathing exercise. But it's more fun than challenging to see. Can you get all the way across the pool? Twice. Can you do the length once twice three times? We're gonna come back in a moment and take final phone calls. Dr James Hart is websites are linked up for you at coast to coast AM dot com. You can Email him through his website as well. So you can always.

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