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They explained us dollars each it's stages and the shoulders pictures for how many genes the child would have from their father and all this unique staff they explained properly the doctors would fertilize one of her eggs with her husband's sperm then use your husband's sperm to fertilize an egg from another woman paid to donate her eggs next removed most of the dna from the other woman's fertilized egg and replace it with tamara and her husband's genes we ever knew in my first reaction when wall how signed got so far it's unbelievable that they can make such staff is wonderful and unbelievable the idea is that a tiny bit of dna left over from the other woman might make the difference it provides energy for the egg and embryo but the resulting baby would have dna from three different people tamara her husband and the woman who go needed but that didn't bother tomorrow or husband he he has has not not that tiny little bit of dna is not responsible for such crucial staff as your eyes caller your hair your character and all other important stuff it's very tiny part of dna which seem not very important for child appearance and his character his mentality and it worked for.

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