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Doused the store from outside in above the fire started around two fifteen this morning and burned for more than three hours this week's forecast is burning hot the second heat wave this summer is expected to last at least seven days as high pressure rolls in from the east and monsoonal moisture flows in from Mexico afternoon thunderstorms are a possibility in the mountains of the next few days lightning or dry lightning could oppose fire risks it's almost Muller time on Capitol Hill special counsel Robert Muller set to testify Wednesday before two house committees back to back Democrats say the trump administration must be held a con accountable and the American people need to know the facts of the Russia investigation the top Republican on the Judiciary Committee says Muller's report is one sided and Muller's testimony is a chance to question his work Chelsea Clinton has had her third child the boy is named Jasper Jasper has an older brother and sister fashion south LA on the one oh five response I just be on Vermont looks like this is just been clear to the right shoulder things are really have those still coming away from the one ten the one ten north is going to be a slow right coming at a south LA from Manchester out to the one on one six of lace up and just before stadium way out to put forth getting into downtown LA for about four or five is gonna be heavy coming in I think it was from century of Santa Monica Boulevard for seven delay from the one of one active at sunset then again kind of sluggish from Venice Boulevard over to the ninety every heading in through the break area what Jefferson metal debris reported in lanes open fifty seven right around imperial highway and apparently already five or six cars got flat tires are off to the right shoulder okay fine the schedules get there faster from jail and here comes again lunch will be the same old same old or are you ready to take a vacation from the ordinary with the new Jamaican jerk Turkey sub at firehouse subs freshly sliced smoked Turkey breast creatively sweet mustard sauce and a hint of Caribbean seasonings just five fifty five for media save time order the new Jamaican jerk Turkey sub on the firehouse subs at firehouse subs enjoy more subs save more lives disputing the cations limited time only plus tax prices may vary for delivery that sounds great but what if I just want my old garage door fixed major repairs more garage doors in anyone so whether you need your garage door repaired or new garage doors you can trust the mesa advantage the best garage doors from the best professionals at the absolute best price to get your new garage door for five ninety nine or schedule repair grab your cell phone dial pound two fifty in shape Macer garage doors on your cell phone dial pound two fifty and say mesa garage doors Southland whether from KFI mostly sunny little bit muggy this afternoon highs in the low to mid seventies the coast mid upper eighties for metro LA in in window seat nineties to about a hundred for the valleys and Inland Empire partly cloudy with lows in the sixties to low seventies tonight little bit warmer tomorrow on Wednesday with a slight chance of thunderstorms after Wednesday we do cool down a few degrees but it's gonna stay pretty hot right on through the week we lead local live from the can't fight twenty four hour news room I'm Amy king every time you hear about some new spot facial procedure that sounds great you find out it takes eight visits who has time for that hi it's Meryl current live teak founder introducing lift T. prevent the newest one visit non surgical procedure that gives you firmer smoother glowing skin longer without multiple treatments or spa packages you never end up using live T. prevent helps you look the best.

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