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I will give all joe i like you that one of power on uh a bush auto on his ninth career though we still have students but it who oppose he likes to feel a little come on oh no longer doesn't allied to fill a little budi yeah i know but you know there's right match it would do i give him look bad but he is not the man who used to be i appreciate it thank you for the call how 'bout that how about that gwb phil level a bully you see the joke he told her as he was doing it yes david copperfield literature top of knoller weight this is david copperfield have all barbara said joe barbara said he's going to give himself arrested when he did it says he's going to give himself arrested david copperfield reminds me of ice to work with the former nfl player i won't cynics and his favorite joke crummy office when in new employer would show up it had employee was a guy he would walk up and stand next to him and say hey you know the capital of thailand is and before the guy can answer he elio bangkok and he will hit him with the back of his hand in the male sensitive area in the region now the resist thank you very much got to be honest i fell victim to it one of my first days at work i went down on the i couldn't breathe for five minutes it i mean this is a four nfl player hands very very be very very strong and he did not goal lightly on the.

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