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Kind of treatment that you need and deserve as as a as a resident of our city This is our time to work with police. And do it and i am as passionate as anybody because of my personal history with police. I haven't had a chance to read the book. But i will look into it. But meanwhile what happened at that party in brighton. So there's a party. I'm showing we're loud and the police were called And when they got there they told us very clearly that. There's no reason for us to be in that part of the city and also meaning all of the the black folks who were at the party And when they started asking questions Like you know What are you doing here and there was some derogatory words used that i won't be repeat on radio They decided that didn't have records. Needed records You don't have a record we're gonna we're gonna take care of that. You need a record. I mean that's the kind of stuff that was said and then they put in a police. Report was false but in order for something to stick to have something and so assault battery on a police officer which was pure bs And so. I didn't catch a record during that incident. Luckily but to many of my friends dead. And as you know corey like that. follows you and limits all types of opportunities and that's just injust We've got a right that kind of injustice in our city and make it where it's a city that that kind of stuff doesn't happen. I've also been in situations margie with a police giving me the okay for us to i mean. Quote unquote takeout. That guy. because he's a bad guy And you know those types of things shouldn't happen in our city. I think our city has made some strides but we still have a lot of work to do and this is an opportunity for us once again to sit at the table and get this stuff right. John barrows before you go talking to you for a bit and with the exception of some criticism of the acting mayor around the patrick rose thing you have made it unkind comment about any of your four primary opponents in the preliminary is what just a little bit more than a month away which is rather unusual show. Should i assume or not that while. Obviously you think you're the best candidate for the job that you think that off any of the five of you would be good incompetent next mayor of Boston jim so it is not my style to to try to Talk badly about anyone. I know all of the candidates have personal relationships with all the candidates. But let me be clear. I do believe i'm the best man And and i believe in fact that You know my history. My experience the work. That i've done around affordable housing the work that i've done to support small businesses. The work that i've done environmental justice. speaks for itself As mayor. I would be able to to meet the challenge of the day for boston us. Pass this pandemic in a safe way. I'm on the streets today providing free vaccination to Those who were walking them massachusetts avenue cast area today Because i believe and getting things done. I believe in not just talking about policy and not just talking about ideas but being out here and serving the people of boston. I've been serving since the age of fourteen and would like to continue to serve as mayor and there is i think a huge difference between my cop qualification and the four city councillors..

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