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Taking pull him all right their best corner in the draft number nine pick overall i can't believe that we finagler the niners chimes wisely i think i'm gonna make you happy here because i'm gonna take linebacker tremain edwards i think he's a fit there he can do everything coming off the edge plan on true strong side linebacker he's my pick their ahead of some of these other linebackers it's a good linebacker class but i think he's the one that stands out the most yeah you said tremaine edmonds you sent edwards it's an emphasis margaritas you had earlier names and names cousin kurt cousins that is a good pick for them and i like i said i have a mock draft coming up monday and so when i'm doing a mock draft a little behind the scenes it takes me hours because i'll be like odd text six people that work in the nfl and be like hey what did you guys scheme system like who would be a good fit and you you always hear back from them and so but you have to do that for every team or i try to every team and edmunds to a niner's is a pick i've really started to like now the raiders at ten i think they go with the other linebacker in this draft roquan smith they have a massive need for helping the middle they've struggled with lot with titans they've struggled middle the field coverage but i do wonder if jon gruden regimen kinsey can make this pick even though it's such a no brainer.

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