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Fiftieth anniversary tour coming to the White River amphitheatre September fifth tickets go on sale this Friday that's big to be rather back together alright here's the ad right now is Kate Upton in this let me explain so that what we all talked about this I have the day she's now the point is this woman comes downstairs on Christmas and she sees that there's a peloton bicycle there and if you don't know what a peloton is it is the standard are writing books with but you do it with in teams of people all around the country and then they call out your name and it's supposed to be like this group exercise thing you can do in your very own living room and they're very expensive thousands ordered boxes where they start at thirty nine Bucks a month but it gets it gets more than that tune you do custom rides and like it's the full experience that you're buying into if it works out for you to lose weight and be energetic and be healthy then that's fantastic however the ad that they were selling people is a husband got his wife appellants on bike for Christmas without her asking it's only a thirty second ad and then it goes through an entire year of this woman taking selfie and describing her journey on the bike the respect excited that's in this five days in a row I am and I was totally one Boston right a year ago I didn't realize how much this would change this holiday give the gift of pallet town have.

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