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He was just he was leaving grenada um and the flight was late the at back then you couldn't slide straight out of abc renate internationally us to travel to barbados so he um the flight to bubbliness was late so his is friend said oh my cousins got to hotel it's going to have have a cup of tea that being english people than an enjoying teeth everything senseless he went there of existence so they went too long had a cup of tea and the owner of his name said oh you know i don't really yeah i'm fed up with this hotel i want to leave i want to go back to the states but my dad told that the hotel just seemed to have such a nice at misfit he constantly says it's a place when he he felt it was a place where people were happy um and so he he's spoke to my mom and said hey you know this is hotel there letsbuyit together and so they did they got married and tell ya today all this grand planning took place the day he met her not not quite the day out but within three months ago yeah well i no i understand this because i met my husband two weeks later he told his mother he was going to marry me two weeks after that he proposed than i accepted now you know we were together for weeks and that's about one hundred fifty years ago when you know you know oh and we got married five months later i was able to school when we got married yeah so you know get by yeah it was a whirlwind in so i come completely identify with um i just knew i was happier when he was there than when he wasn't there and i i letter yesterday to i let that be my guiding light no today i things like man you can't live with new can't kill them we're going to take a quick commercial break and come right back don't leave moves is that really rooms portions of today show are brought to you by tourism ireland celebrating ireland's wild atlantic way visit ireland dot com.

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