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Jennifer Wayne comes back tomorrow and me. There we go. Well, there is a public there was a public radio journalist who was arrested over the weekend during a protest. Really Interesting story. Yeah, So it's a KPCC and latest reporter Josie Wang. Up from the ground. They're showing several deputies. There's video of it, pulling her up from the ground, handcuffing her outside ST Francis Medical Center, and earlier the video show deputies pushing her away from a patrol car where somebody was detaining a guy, so it looks like she was going over there trying to stop them from detaining the guy, or at least you know, might have been. I don't know what she was shouting at them or what? But then everything sort of went from there. Yeah, and it said, this is where it gets a little ah, wonky or a little hinky, actually, ah, she's she gets involved. In three altercation, right? She's not a reporter at that moment, simply reporting and looking at what's happening. So she how gets involved. The police are seeing someone just getting involved and they're gonna argue she's interfering with ah, a police encounter. She is screaming. I'm a reporter. I'm a reporter. They are saying that she'd identity didn't identify herself. It's press and she later admitted she didn't have the proper press credentials on her person. Now did she have any press credentials? Was she wearing? It wasn't easy to see. And if they're not proper, how the police going to know Oh, that's not appropriate that that's not a real police press credential, so Ah, it's Ah. If it turns out that she yelled. I'm about poor grammar reporter in intervene. I got to tell you the fact she's a reporter is incidental to the process. Reporters should not jump in. Because she intervened with the police at that moment, and she is simply someone intervening. It's only ask you if you're covering that, because you are a alleged reporter, unlike well, me, But then I don't pretend to be. Would you intervene? No matter what was happening if a police were beating someone up Oh, that wouldn't jump in. If I could see where maybe my Just my morality would take over and I think I might jump in the middle. But not without knowing there were repercussions. You would recognize that you're done as a reporter at that moment. Well, yeah, And maybe the other thing would be if I just thought that something inappropriate was happening, but not not where somebody was going to be hurt. I would just call I would call the station. They put me on the air, so I'd understand what actually happened because we're getting different stories, and I haven't seen the video. And so that is merely speculation on my part. I don't think it's being refuted that she actually got involved. No. Yeah, sitting. Ah, ah and Yeah. All right. In Georgia. There is a white sheriff's deputy who can be seen in this video, repeatedly punching a black man who was pinned to the ground and now that sheriff's deputy has been fired..

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