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Shirt or all kinds of weird stuff that they have here your thirteen fifteen Rufina circle kind of near me all wolf but don't go towards me out will go the other direction on the circle right in the middle of the circle OCD custom cycles and auto repair thirteen fifteen Rufina circle all right were and talk to the owners here in a second that would be Francis and mark it or talk to guys think Carol Farkas from swan theatre international Shakespeare center and that Bonnie Bennett from Patala chocolate house we'll talk to Curt vinegar I believe I said that right from Bob's imported auto repair they do Volvos we'll talk to either Rick centers of Anna from the photo Y. bookshop rod tweet second three brewery ana Garcia leafy of Pretoria and then roll the landed him a pop the key that I say that right apothecary Ralph Mueller and maybe somebody else so that's kind of the idea that we're going to do today here at OCD motorcycle right really happy I sitting here mark buyer in France to say here and Francis thanks for all your hospitality help is out today you're welcome Richard he you shut up he said I thought the whole schedule you contacted everybody so thank you my pleasure now it it's fat is fabulous I I enjoy it and thank you Mr Mr buyer for the for the idea you're very welcome all I did was send you an email about what kind of motorcycle is this I saw something on television and I was a really cool looking bike but turns out not all that cool bike just an old Honda made to look cool right right I yeah it was CB three fifty right and dot com is dirt in the you know in the eighty all they made millions and millions of yeah yeah exact anyway but it was owned by you know its own way of a famous rock and roll star so you know he had it all cool looking right he said when we do a show I site that's a great idea I love getting now the studio specially today people really really on my nerves today I would love to have you here in the US it may I also community yeah absolutely is gorgeous we have a nice yard here our neighbors improving landscaping it's a nice quiet area and we've been here for awhile now Freddy how long for let's see Dave occupancy December twenty third twenty fifteen okay so for years yeah okay when you hit the building yeah we remember that very well it was a very big big deal for us moving out of a rental place and cooks wrote to this beautiful neighborhood we thought we couldn't we couldn't do this but together with Franny we we made our dream come true right so the idea is your repair motorcycles and we'll get to the types of motorcycles would you have around here plus a Mercedes correct so that's kind of the extent a what your work on that is our passion our extend and focus okay so let's start with the Mercedes yeah you have to similar really cool I think because I saw something over there on the wall G. class correct all right little square kind of industrial looking Mercedes Viagens right little box that hasn't changed for over forty years okay G. class G. class or in German Gillan divide again okay means off road vehicle now you have one the looks pretty stock you have a black window looks very stock and then you have a silver each one that is very customize that is the thing you have an army one that's great we have a military one here we have another one a white one here in the shop that has a special axles on it they are called portal axles made by a company in Germany called typhus and garbage speed one our race a vehicle for off road clearance widen the track for more stability also for off road so that you can take put their larger tires on it more traction better traction the army one the the army color one with the campus we have as topping can I show the back held is that that is in nineteen ninety three that are now will being outsourced and and retired from many military in in Europe the Dutch the German Swiss in the region military they all had this to thirty G. E. R. in Germany was called the wolf and pretty plain vehicle that was used to haul five six military personnel round trip down correct exactly now the other two aren't trip down the other two not black going look fairly stock in my right that's correct it's a diesel that vehicle came from Canada to us for rust repair all right on the silver one that actually is a vehicle that is very dear to my heart it's a vehicle that I or allow me to come to United States twenty one years ago it's the first G. five hundred dad was imported to the United States with the purpose of stripping needed and modifying to be certified for the US market of two D. U. T. department of transportation and E. P. A. environmental protection agency so you came with it I came I think a few weeks later in a different package and two pieces of luggage from Germany right correct so they didn't put in the crate with it should now well I mean you had a safe somewhere on the shipping but I'm very grateful when I was twenty one years ago on company was called Europa international located in Santa Fe New Mexico who owns it now I'm nobody now Dave Holland was the owner and CEO he contacted me back in ninety six ninety seven I was working for Mercedes Benz in Germany in dressed in Germany and they were looking for a master technician with Mercedes Benz history experience very cool are you also do Mercedes dans I'm if you have a Mercedes and you want somebody a master mechanic to work on it stop by here drop it off have a chat with mark and then you'll be convinced that you know he he he knows the bands is inside and out a that's correct and if I don't know what we'll find out how we do a fair amount of older Mercedes as well as a current models we do have to test tool and diagnostic equipment to check fault codes do diagnoses and reset your service lights cars to get much more remodeling over could you could you could you turn to for me a we actually had a going here before you know if you really have four you know what they're worth now right favorite car of all time right all right so motorcycles I mean that is you need both of your your passion near yeah I mean and you know your ball just that's why it's OCD motorcycles by the way these two people are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about your right to Francis you you ride motorcycles you race motorcycles I do and yeah I mean you are you're nutty about him aren't you I many of these of these what for bike sitting below is here in the in the lobby you know I mean you could go on and on and on and great detail about corporation about the wheels about the size about the year you've been doing this awhile I got into motorcycling kinda late I was forty years old okay and I won't tell you how it it's been a while you're older than forty now I'm older than forty right and I became very passionate about it and almost instantly became passion about going down the track improving my skill and the kind of the thrill of fine tuning operating and going a little faster on the track which led into racing and I initially took my race license just to quote unquote improve my street skill and they threw in a free race on race day and I got hooked in really didn't get skilled at it it took me a couple years I was kind of slow got into it kind of late and I do it now just you know it's just really something that's very important to me also the promotion of women motorcyclists and if if a woman wants to go down and do track when it and sign up to race call me up okay your mentor them I will okay and you win sometimes a win right to the amazing you do care bike as well you have this you have this big would you tell me what the cat was not uses the Suzuki SV six fifty it's the of first generation this one's a two thousand two and it's been modified quite a bit to be almost unrecognisable as an SV six fifty it's got a joke Sir front end on it and check Sir a rear wheel and some other things for a race fairing right but that's what the engine is ready to share that yes your mark sure that yep mark ever win I do I do American Pat I'm very competitive but also very passion about what I do on the on the track I love racing my old been H. B. M. W. I eat which has a presence owners yeah correct it's it started out as an R. seventy five it was always my dream to to race have been H. B. M. W. on the track I watch the arma the American historic racing association come to Albuquerque in two thousand and five two thousand six and those guys would is flying with these old machines on the track and I thought that's what I would like to do sorry you know safe what little money I could and for me in our seventy five and are what is it now fourteen years later I'm still trying to improve it and get faster on it it's it's just beautiful and yes I do I do when it's fine to win to be on the podium but the most excitement is when I raise and compete with my friends my body's my some of my mentors and you know they showed me we'll I show them the wheel and you know we go back in the pits and say wow this was this was cool rush rush right the tracks here in Albuquerque well there's one track in Albuquerque it's call Scindia motor speedway it's so these are these are flat tracks are not bank at all but they're they're kind of road hair pans you go around curves in all of that but they're but they're basically just just flat track yes work it's a it's a for only by desert it's a paved surface you know we have seven turns in the standard configuration some of them like turn one is a little bit bang because also use for can car races okay we have one super tight hairpin and then after that it just goes wide open is very technical our top speed is on the bottom by probably around one and twenty seven on the on the on the start finish and an average speed some around sixty to eighty doesn't sound much but if you do carry that much speed through tight turns it's it's quite a lunch yeah okay we'll be right back where does he do motorcycle of CD custom motorcycle and auto repair at thirteen fifteen in a circle with mark Byron Francis fair we're here talking about this neighborhood this neighborhood is really up and coming in is really a call neighborhood got a great trickery across the street apparently.

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