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Anything to help me understand this but it was just random I mean they all the time in nine Twenty Five William, Moulton Austin fell in love with one of his students woman Cook Olive Byrne who was shade. So all of burn is where things get really really interesting because up until that point in Morrison's life, he has strong ties to the suffrage movement and to the feminist movement but mall. Of Burn ties him to the Birth Control Movement, which is the most radical of those three political campaigns. All of burn is the daughter of a woman Ethel Byrne who with her sister Margaret Sanger opened the first birth control clinic in the United States in nineteen sixteen in Brooklyn New York they were both nurses and they dedicated their lives to the cause of making birth control legal birth control was. Even discussing it was illegal and Ethel Byrne had abandoned her children when they were very, Very Young Olive Byrne grew up in an orphanage. She'd abandoned children gone to Greenwich, village to live with her sister and start this magazine feminist monthly called the woman rebel and opened the first birth control clinic. So all of burns mother an aunt with A. Of what becomes planned parenthood the International Federation of Birth Control, clinics and research centers so. When Marston as a professor of psychology at Tufts University, just outside Boston and Nineteen twenty five falls in love with this incredibly interesting young woman a senior at the college. He then brings her into the family. She joins the the little sort of sex cult and goes to those meetings. She's a radical thinker. She's the most radical thinker of all of them may maybe that the radical sexual practices come from her idol, I don't know. She believes in free love. She has a lot of experience and knowledge of homosexuality. I mean not necessarily personal experience but she's lives in a world where her her mother knows a lot of homosexuals and lives in Greenwich village has very broad minded ideas about sexual expression. So all that I think really changes Marston and then he and his wife Bring Olive Byrne ten years younger than both of them to live with them as a member of their family and how. About that, how side he holloway filled about coming to live this? So that's really hard to one of the things is tricky about the story as the adults in the family, the three women and Marston they don't. There's not a lot of evidence of how they felt towards one another because they don't correspond with one another they live in same house from those in their lives, and if they had letter the handwritten to one, another those letters don't survivor I haven't seen. Them, but the fact that they live together, all those years suggest I suppose that must've been I. can we we can only assume there must have been some contentment there I suppose yeah I. Think so I think absolutely it's very much a love story but in the same way you know the happiest of marriages leave no trace behind right like I don't think I've ever once written a letter to my husband and I see him every day we talk all the time. The story and trying to write a story of my marriage would be very hard pressed to know anything about it, and that's that's as it should be right. But that's actually frustrating to the historian. But three their children are alive in the widow of the fourth of the.

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