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One room schoolhouse. The White folks had big yellow buses. But we had to wall and minute little white kids would hang out the one SPITAK one of those. We grew up in Atta environment. I'm so convinced I think the salvation was it. I never believe the lied. That white full told the black folk and the black folks told though I felt the white folks told us that will inferior and they told us that they were white and superior that is classic what racism is in like in a vote. People believed that lie. Then they got a culture of formulating. That is a lie. So how did you not absorb that? How did you live a different narrative Lee? We live on a plantation with the plantation owner. Had Boys that was older than me and they had boy double the same time is me and I play ball with them. We played together. We got to know each other. We gotTA play together. We owe child is gonNA come next door. Name it on the common say. Let so-and-so come out and play with me if white lady going down the street with a black or they're white kids are the blanket the Black Kid GonNa go player to light and the whites is GonNa go play with the Black. A lesson hold a hand entailed and not to do that. And then the kid on say always why why and then dig get a brainwash him. I know believe that brainwashing. But you heard it. I heard it but I grew up in the day when Jackie Robinson came along. And they say now that he opened the door for black people to be involved in athletic national. No he did not open a door. That's too narrow. He took defense down and made a plan feel that they've played on together. So a lot of the foolishness that we toll what bastogne that Racia- in Ferrari and if I went to church because the church was a steward of that the trick was the one that held that gap in in in a society vol. Now I'm teaching Broadway. Whenever there is a chain and a conflict of society whether it's in the nation you got to deal with their religious beliefs. I am I. Religious will believe that it was all right for blacks to be separate from light and they was inferior in side. We still ought to know better. But we have now affirm the Constitution. Which is the best interpretation of the MAGNA Carta of any law that ever been written before in the history of man? The American constitution is the bet is to bed. We hold these. Choose to be self evident that all humankind was created equal and that is one human race that all come from Adam. And that's why you have degen Hollidge and the Bible. And every time they come up with the genealogy you a Taylor worry came from we was created to reflect God hyllner in a new no other reflection. Don't make any other reflection. One guy won re data between God and Man. And that man is dame carnation apprise owner. He was the Express Emmy Ogden visible. God to know why. It's an older reflection that was brought in. Jesus cry and the no the humanity that reflects the conduct dot inside tile and the churches out to keep that reflection going that reflection will one time and fall community church in so we gotta come back there. That's our crisis today. A crisis today is a lack of greeting. We got a bad language without a language that hate. I did not think five years ago we could be holy at now what we made hate the winning Standard Warren could hate the other one. We lost diplomacy we law patient. We lost that space between when we see people and doing get close. Nah Dino them we feel wall between us we brought via international wall and Weaver Family Wall we build. A wall was denied society that need to be told to all of us and we really got to cancel each other together and we got to talk about at the same time. And we've got to get rid of term like a white shirt and a bright shirt a White Gospel and a Black Gospel. There is one Gospel and that one Gospel is revealed. Tas Though the one guy and one God reveal as Jesus of Nazareth. That was to be good news so we don accepted a Weiss down religion and I then delicate religion now have been capped it by one political party and net one political party. Thanks it's better than the other political report. They've got everything mashed in together. I don't know where to start at to believe so either one of those reflects God and we think. Today we got had one though so our lives today is so far away from the Kama love and passion. Not You say that to me John Kirkman. I'm becoming deeper to me as I get closer to. God I can see it a low. There need to confess my sand every day and the blood of Jesus Christ Godson keep on. Clinton me from all saying that slimness me that I was just lack I had never seen He. Why should all last sands away Nevada said in my people white people black people and the people that are called by my name will home themselves and pray and seek my face he said God said I will hear you from heaven and Ather give your seen in who you lan one thing now as I get near the end? I'm people when I see quite people. I love when I see an alien further on sold Latte Dale loving me and I can them back. I'm in competition with feel so good to be loud and it feels so good to give up. Love is a guy and we need to churches here. The Stewart that to be a coming together learn from each other worshiping together. He loves his home in. We Fall in love with him with an apprentice. You're gone here. We've got a friendship on. He called us to be Fran. I mean Zastava Messy that we got with. Lil condemnation is we can try to create a a received one lug rec- on low on these last words of Jesus by this mailman. No you mind scientists because you love one nine and so we don't realize that we have been the seed so we gotta get old at deception income back to Levin now. I see that happening in the multi-culture should and I see it is happening sometime in suburbia more than the other because I think they feel and see the isolation and they call him a guilt now calling it a privilege now we need to Cher APP. Privileges We need to Love Yourself. I- privileges that God loves as permanent. Any credit for it. We abide in him and he does. He would give some resources and we can use these resources to create more resources to love each other. We in society show. I went to school for about three years and I dropped out of school and I didn't go back to school. I went back to play ball. I went back that they will let you play ball and Hughes enact community the other folks in no you going to school nephews. Good athlete at my brother. Li- Li- grandmother gave away Afford a kid. She kept owners Bradley in me. He will own up to file an hour the baby until we were after on a plantation hall. You win in acting and you know most of those boys though quite born on a plantation we became friends and I call them by their name. What all their life and they call me on name and I have to call them. Mr. I remember when I came back home to Libya in my community and everybody was saying. Let's book in our hand. We call now and he was a hijab and we became friends. I became friends with his brother and his nephew. He you know and my my wife's grandma say you call him Mr Bush. I say well look. I'm this pass and I said I'm a pastor. He should be called Lena's but we don't play that game. You Play Games. Do how trouble that my trouble is. I believe every BRASSICA. That ain't Papa. I've lied I've good him Hugo to me that ain't popular. Do you love God. Do you love God. I forgave him. I seen digging on. That will perdue guy then. Now got compensation role. If I go down and say Ey you dine you GonNa Hail. Don't you know that that scared in some and it makes you superior that you know some that they don't.

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