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The weekend. Was that Mondo won the guacamole contests at the LA county fair the second biggest story was Tom Arnold got into an altercation with Mark Burnett? That was crazy. Yeah. He's a reality show producer, and Tom Arnold is trying to make some kind of comeback here and fighting people in Hollywood, John Kennedy's clean. Mac was there in the middle of the two of them right in the middle of the fight and John. How are you, sir? Not exactly I wanna talk about the hey won three years in a row in LA county county fairs guacamole contests this kid who's had a couple of years training and in culinary school put together his own guacamole when three years in a row now crazy. He's lucky. My wife wasn't in in the context. Ooh. Maybe next year. Maybe next year. Hey, by the way, I'm I I'm going to open up Mondo, and and have them available to you. If you want to do a story. I mean, that's a that's a great story from no money. No, no, very little in life comes up and wins the guacamole contest three years in a row in L LA county. That's huge would be a great personal profile. You really would. I'll give you the number off the air. Hey, so what's going on with Tom Artem Mark Burnett? Why do they hate each other? Oh, boy terrier then. Emme? According to Tom Arnold caught up with him outside the police station LAPD's west division TMZ out their role that of course, and he claims that he was just walking up the steps getting ready to read this event, and coincidentally Mark Burnett is there somebody trying to get a hold of apparently on reality show that starts tomorrow. I believe on vice slant rhyme. And he says it was unprovoked and out of nowhere. He claims Mark Burnett who reached out grabbed him by the throat and choked him to the point where even today. Tom Arnold was talking about. How raspy voice wasn't. He was gonna go see a doctor right after he filed a police report claims its unprovoked, but says that he's been trying to get a hold of Mark Burnett because he believes that Burnett has a way to get access to video tape recordings. President Trump using his time on the apprentice and celebrity apprentice, which is you know. Contested on there as well. Sure. The producer that or net has said he doesn't have access to anything like that doesn't know if it actually exists. It's his MGM company that that technically all those tapes. But this whole reality show the tomorrow's doing it's all about trying to find the right, but now John how long you've been a reporter. Oh, boy about twenty years almost twenty years. So you have instincts. Right. Let me ask you a question. Do you think it was the billionaire reality TV show producer? They can get anything on TV and hell in Hollywood or a washed up ex coke addict who is desperate to get anything on the air. Who do you think started that fight? I think the answer to that will come when the supposed- video of the altercation comes out, right? I don't think Tom. If somebody's witnesses, and and it's out that maybe they're maybe they're saving his show. No. Yeah. That's possible. But look we all saw him on MSNBC freeze up, and then he was on CNN, and he's making one last ditch effort here to try to capitalize on the whole Roseanne thing in the whole Donald Trump thing. I mean, God bless the guy. He had he had a great show there. That's sports show. He did was pretty cool. And then we didn't hear from him for a decade. And now he's back, but where did this happen, by the way, I'm John we have we all have social contracts. You know it. I know it somebody either Tom Arnold Mark that doesn't know it because you never fight anybody at a charity event. Yeah. I mean, there's a there's a moral clause contracts. You gotta be careful with that kind of stuff. But yeah, I I don't think anybody would argue that you know, it. It's a nice thing to do not to get into a fight. Absolutely. Especially at a charity event. You know, people are there to raise money for less fortunate people, and you want to make that the the the sole goal of the event not to take any credit away from energy or you know, publicity away from it. Hey, what was the charity event? You know, what I don't recall what it was some some some sort of foundation. I believe it was at avenue. The stars so lawn area behind Elisa, okay? Do want to point out. You know, in all fairness, if you if you watch some of the conversation online, particularly with Roma Downey, whose Mark burnett's wife who was there and she commented claiming that she got a bruise from Tom Arnold during this whole thing. People are are are coming to brunettes defense and can't believe that that would possibly happen. He's got a great reputation of being a Christian and so on and so forth. We have not heard there's been no public comment from from brunette or any of these people yet. Yeah. I I don't look I I don't know I didn't ever met either. One of these guys from what I understand Mark Burnett. His net words is four hundred fifty million dollars and people sort of active certain way, when you cross over the five million dollar, Mark. You know what I mean? So I can't imagine he would want to risk any of that money by trying to choke out. Tom arnold. Tom Arnold did point out today when he was coming out of the police department that he drop all charges in all cases against Mark Burnett. Not file any lawsuits against him. If he could just get a copy of those tapes. I see. Okay. All right. Well, maybe that was the ultimate goal. But if I were Mark Burnett. I would try to bury Tom Arnold in court and try to lawyer him up and fee him to death with his lawyers because Tom Arnold. They say is worth thirty million dollars. But. I don't know where all that money came from. But that's interesting that that that that happened on the eve of the EMMY awards, and I guess Mark Burnett didn't show up at the EMI awards. Hadn't hadn't heard that. Whether or not he was gonna show tomorrow said, he's absolutely not going. Wow. I haven't heard have you heard that. I heard the Mark Burnett was not gonna go. But I I didn't hear the Tom Arnold wasn't going. Maybe he wasn't going. Yeah. I don't think tomorrow was nominated for anything I this year. But that was a big story was the lead story on TMZ for a long time. And also the drudge story the drudge report picked it up that happened last night. Right. It happened last night. And again, it's on the eve of this reality show that's supposed to be starting tomorrow. Right often get it who knows it could be a publicity stunt to. Yeah. Have you got to see the video of the fight? I have not. Oh, all right. Well, when you do let us know. Tom response to my tweets. Oh is that? Right. Would you tweet him? Hey, call me. Well, that's the most honest tweeted amongst the of the whole group there that was great. But any other celebrities at the at the event last night, the may have witnesses. Supposedly, Kevin bacon. And his daughter are his witnesses that they saw the brawl where he is and his Brian Fogel, which sound familiar, but he's supposedly the one that has has the cell phone video. Oh, I see. Okay. Well, that's gotta be worth something. Right. Yeah. Yeah. That's interesting. Man. Well, I really appreciate you coming on. And it was a last minute deal and thanks for clearing it up for us. No problem. Thank you yourself. Are there? He goes, John Cadiz clean MAC with NBC four and like how he comes straight on the show and immediately puts his wife in a challenge against Mondo for the best guacamole in LA county. Yeah. That's gotta be good guacamole. Right. I'm I'm betting onto things. I'm betting on Mondo and embedding on Mark Burnett. I got an exact going here and I feel comfortable with both. I think that the guy who started the fight is the has been X coke addicts who is trying to get a reality show going as opposed to the guy who can get anything on any network at any moment and demand a price that any network would match. And so there's there's a there's two camps here. Now follow me there's one camp of very organized businessman with a production office. Who's married has some one of I has some roots in the in in the entertainment industry is well liked by everybody. Never been in altercations before. And then there's the X coked up wild guy who is desperate to get back on TV. And we'll do anything to make sure that people watch his show. So who you're gonna go with in that fight? My guess is Tom Arnold. That's something to do with the start of that battle. That's just my guess after a while. Look, I'm in by fifties and early fifties. And you start to use your your six cents, your your your people skills? And that's what gets you through life and minor saying that Tom Arnold messed up here and attacked Mark Burnett and Martinez wife and not the other way. That's that's that's where my money is. Look, I might be wrong. But I'm probably ought to percent, right. I live. Let's more going out. Bend was running for governor of agreed to a debate. But it will not be on TV Republican John toxin Democrats Gavin Newsom will face off on public radio and a station in San Francisco next month. Stanford University is driving the name of a controversial eighteenth century Spanish, priest and colonizer from its mailing address and two dorms an advisory committee says cetera led the system of missions that decimated many tribal. Immunities weather in the five next. I snore and for a long time. And I couldn't get any sleep. I felt every day. Like, I was hung over even though I'd probably even drink the night before. Right. You feel hung over. You feel tired you in the afternoon, you're nodding off at work. Well, it's because you're not getting enough sleep. You're not getting good quality sleep and to do that you got to stop snoring. I was turned onto snore experts. And I got the night lays with snore experts. And then a mouthguard, and it's been night and day, it'll change your life. If five locations around southern California, and you'd have to sleep with that c-pap that machine on your face anymore. Yeah. You got a toaster oven on your face..

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