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Well there's also action figure adventure which is something that is near and dear to your heart as I'm looking right behind your your self seeing all that on the wall right there as far as the action. Figures are concerned. Yeah an action. Bigger adventure does hail from zero cool as well. So this is definitely one of those properties. It's a bit of a spiritual successor to Nintendo quest as you know and if teachers are mutually good collaborative friend Sir. Jay Bartlett whose UNA quest to create the ultimate action-figure auction all in the name of charity. So he's running the cash and then goes around the entire country and beyond to see what kind of cool action figures he can get to put into this charity oxygen. I don't know if you caught our livestream. Yesterday Gerald had big news about it because of course we were planning this big. You know. In-person hubbub event to do with all these people and we're going to give them paddles. We're going to have an auction year. But then this thing happened in the world that kind of discourages people from being close to one another so we had to figure out alternative arrangements and so. We decided that we're going to do this. As a big online broadcast event Kintu a sports draft or an award show where we'll have a host and a panel of analysts breaking down every item that comes up with the auctions pre-timed and set up a week before. And you basically get to join the live. Broadcast is the time to town on the ten key items that Jay has sought out for this auction and You Youtube can bid on them and wall. Share some information with you and our listeners when we get locked out a bit more but August thirteenth eight. Pm. Seven central is the time to check it out on the East Coast and obviously do the math on the West Coast. Five PM some of these items yours and then you get to have this and then you can watch the series and see the story behind the item itself overeaters. That that's all you give me. The next chapter could be the next chapter. How's he been doing by the way? I see his videos all the time on the Jay Bartlett Youtube Channel talking about a lot of different things including obviously action figures and whatnot. So how's he doing? How's he been taking in all those as compared to what he was dealing with with Nintendo quest because an attendant tour guys went around the country. And your you guys were going ahead doing all that to promote the film. It's been different this time around. It's been very different. I mean The first big thing is that we were able to enter into a pre by situation before we had finished cutting much of it. We basically finished our trailer in December and sold it to Super Channel Jinxi Sports. Tv up in Canada for the broadcast rights. And then like I said we have already negotiated the the rest the world with another distributor whom we can't name but you'll be excited to hear when we can for that and so we're finishing up. It's it's completely different thing. We don't have to have as many boots to the ground. Although we did have big plans to appear at certain cons that obviously have been shelved and so we can't say too much about that because the plans are over it out but we did have plans to make some you know trips around and of course we would've film those trips and showed some episodes and got some reaction and you know what we do we are. You're listening to the pop culture cosmos. Don't touch that dial we do. People.

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