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You after a restaurant with handsome basketball interruptions with your part of the game here at W. H A s because we cover all the sports. Obviously, basketball is a very big deal in this part of the world, but Delighted to be back with you for a full to our program tonight. I've got a interesting program. A little bit different, and I'm very excited about it. Because I've got some special guests. That is gonna be on board with me tonight. This is the women in that door's program. We're going to talk about other things, but basically I'm gonna do some interviews with some women. There have had very interesting Um, outdoor experience is that they're going to share with you. They're gonna share some recipes with you and they're gonna speak. I think very Uh, eloquently about Why more women should be involved in that door's Aziz. We know our most of us that studies the statistics, No. Women in the outdoors is the fastest growing segment. It's kind of an interesting phenomenon in that it Z. Really caught fire and is more and more women. Uh, enter into that door world and understand what it can offer. It's it's been amazing. Um Evolution. I guess I would call it in the outdoor industry in particular. I'm sure you've seen a lot of the outdoor television shows that feature husbands and wives or one of them than outdoors and It's Zob Vesely caught my fascination through the years. I've had women on the program with me. I've never done a segment or a program directly. Targeting when the now doors what it means to him. Why they're involved. Um, how they got initiated into sports, and you've heard me say forever and ever. I don't care if you're 8 to 80. Man, woman or child. If if you want to get involved, that doors is a place where you can find a tremendous amount of enjoyment. In appreciation of nature, which, of course, is what all this revolves around so Tonight's the night and I'm leading off tonight's Atlanta Graham. Who I've hunted and fished with this. Uh, going back to 2004 Um, and she has Really become a tremendous advocate for outdoor wind in the sports, and, most importantly, she's become very professional in her approach to it. We've shared many of campfire together. Helped her trail deer that she shot and she's a very proficient with a bow and a gun. So I'm a lead that program off talking to land in tonight. We've also got Tina Hitchner. Who is from Danville, Kentucky, and Tina is another gal that's totally immersed in outdoors, she said. Bird dogs she hunts deer. She's got a lot of recipes she'll share and, most importantly, she's very involved with Get kids involved with Sports and helping Children. Get the first taste. I guess if you will, of hunting and fishing and what it portends. She's a one of the folks with the Uh, league Kentucky Sportsman. She's the with the sixth District over there does tremendous jobs in Valerie Williams is another gown. And batteries for Morgan County. And she has been hurting your fishing for many, many years again. She's into deer hunting. Turkey hunting. Interestingly, though, she's an herbalist and what I mean by that. She's a student of Things in nature that Either curative or have the distal qualities things that I think very, very fascinating. I've been involved in some of that myself. So we're gonna Compared notes on that as well. So it Z. It's a different program. And you ladies out there, put your ears on. Because you're gonna hear some things. I think you're gonna encourage you to become involved to, uh, understand why other women Appreciative of what the outdoor life breaks to you. And again, we're gonna do some recipes, which obviously you're a natural thing. I think for women in that door so We're going to talk about all that. Before we get to the Adam of talk a little bit about what I've been seeing when I've been out last week or so while we've been off there Been rabbit, honey, a good bit. Had some great hunts with my buddies. Down western Kentucky, Larry the lines about a glass globe have been gracious enough to invite me down as they do every year. Long chases have the dogs for those of you who hunt with beagles and love to hear have music. For some reason, this year's a little different than in the past. And I'm not sure what to blame the song, but I'm a lay it out there. Would perhaps enjoy phone call from any year who helped with beagles that have a different observation. But long chases these rabbits are lining out and running. You know hundreds and hundreds of yards for the make the circle. Come back to the John, which I enjoyed that because you get the sea the dog's work and where the rabbit jumps over a ditch your crosses the stream or Hops out of cover runs down a corn row. You get the opportunity Watch the dogs fared all that out. Analyze that maze of traction. Class schools. Dogs are very, very good at that. And so it's been very enjoyable on the squirrel unexcited things with my little Don't Foxy. Very frustrated, quite honestly. If it's great hunts..

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