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Beverly Hills opens and truly one of the most exciting fashions of all its Erica, Jane and Lisa arena, driving through traffic and making mindless patter. You have Erica going love this street. I never get tired of driving on this street. I don't think they really even like each other in real life. Because this is this is painful to watch them in the car together. God let me get tired of gravity this three. What? Shrubbery while us re had the Zohar. Ha it's like they mix tower with those little racks little that money until you look bad. It's it's it's a traffic law and another song and another song what a St. street. My back. Erica really does show us her life. She really does. Yeah. The real Erica. Wow. Well, we could that stop side. Let us storm drain that awfully while one does never face. And it's like, I know I drive down the street every day to trees. Just read you guys are the most boring friends ever. Trees. The wheels on the bus, go round and round. So is this conversation, right? Is like so low energy in the siege. She's like over it and erica's like Ladda though bat you if I work at every day. I just.

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