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Think roger's the comeback player of the year let's comeback because he came from nowhere to everyone. Let's get on it so no. I think that should be tom brady because airolo they had exact same touchdowns last year. One through twenty four the other two twenty four one had six picks the other had eight picks one through four slightly above four thousand build a slew through for about one. Forty two hundred. So i'm just trying to figure out. Is this notion that tom brady was just like blue lights out. Last year in aaron rodgers barely escaped by brady have davante adams up in new england. I think you remember. He moved demonte before game. Aim is for two games this year. So how many times would he have. He might be fifty five. It is moment will. Then you're making a case. Devante should be the mvp look the year. Jerry went twenty two touchdowns he didn't get it year. Randy moss win twenty three touchdown how you will give it to the guy. And he actually. If i'm not mistaken. John got got the mvp that you're eighty seven the year randy broke it. Tom had fifty touchdowns for tom. Got it If if they give it to the guy. That's throw you two touchdowns And i we'll finish case off by saying just the week ago at green bay aaron rodgers in the second half against carolina and teddy bridgewater right through for a grand total of forty four yards in the second half and he said after the game i stunk though but skill. I just gave you four games. That were not. Mvp skill but he's played fifteen. So what about those other games ever no no quarterback. No blair has habit exemplary in every single game but if you look it's going to be the totality and the body of work in which i believe is a to mayor race i believe is between a home in rajas and i believe after the performance yesterday that mahomes opened the door in aaron rodgers not only heated. Walk through the door. He kicked the damn door in. You saw that last thanksgiving. He was spectacular down. Get credits now. You wanna get. Tom brady of credit for that in the snow. He was spectacular advantages. You just you detail fork in the snow. You don't understand. We'll tennessee did not understand you. Give all the next to it. I mean.

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