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More news on its way and Cairns working that up right now. Yes. I am springs. Mayor skip Campbell apparently dead at the age of sixty nine years, but these legit corals base for thirty years. He's been the mayor since two thousand fourteen and he also served in the state Senate, so sad. So I I don't know what happened but sixty nine he's dead that more coming up. Nice. These south Florida morning show seen a couple of caring, and well, they're they're getting closer and closer. There is a wish we could show the visual right now. There is an army of media trucks, national regional everything at the South Carolina border right now just waiting to storm to figure out what direction to the state. They go to find out who is the winner this South Carolina's one of seven states that allows anonymity. So we shall see, you know, maybe the person chooses not to remain anonymous or with that kind of money. I it's going to be hard to hide I think it's a little different things can be hard to hide his mega millions group lead director title group, lead director, Gordon. Medina us talk last forgot about that anonymity part of it. So all they're trying to find now is the where it was sold to try to track that down. Well, just because it was sold in South Carolina. Let's also put this out there doesn't mean the person lives in South Carolina. True. I have three tickets in my wallet. From the last time. I went to Georgia. Did you win? And you know, what I'll on the last time. I bought a ticket and South Carolina. I one five bucks, but you have to go back to the state. You bought it into trade it in scenario you go. So so we may never find. So here's what I'm totally cool with that could have been somebody vacationing in South Carolina. It could very well be a bunch of people. And if that's the case in the whole company showing up if it's like a group of people they'll show up if it's one person, I don't think you'll ever find out who it is telling you what's going to be one person twenty one year old female college student a party ranger. That'd be awesome. And she's gonna she won't be able to keep it off of social media. Hey, y'all. Yeah. Well, yeah. What I would be extremely fearful of somebody trying to kill me for the money. God almighty, really, I'm serious. You watch way too many of those crime shows, they do they go after people with this kind of money. I'm just saying, you know, people show up at your show. Don't go any consulate. But seriously, there's crazy people out there. Oh, absolutely. And then everybody in the world that's ever run into is going to want money, by the way, they changed the jackpot to one point five six billion dollars. So it was the second largest US jackpot Powerball couple of years ago beat it was a big deal. And then they lied. It. Wasn't was supposed to be one point six billion billion like it matters to please speaking of being at the border. How are we doing with the invasion? Ooh. What's the update this morning? Well, more migrants, adding to the US from Central America whole at the second wave is coming down this coming from the department of homeland security, which we'd like to thank for finally waking up and being aware of this entire thing. A new migrant they call it a caravan. We call it an invasion is being organized back in El Salvador. Great right organized being organized the words get this. Now this wave we've had a little bit of this with the first wave this wave two hundred thirty members of the new group communicating and organizing through what's app the communications apple people, use them on ships. And right. We don't have texting. So this is okay. These are people that are avoiding persecution is death and destruction in their own hometowns. And they're they're leaving. They're getting up with this their worldly possessions on them, but they all have cell phones. How does that happen? Wow. Socially, if they're like well dressed as the first wave. Their cell phones. Their okay, let me let me ask you this question. It was I the only one yesterday who noticed that. Now when we look at this caravan of peaceful invaders. That now they're showing all the women and children. Now, they're showing the leaping on the side of the road. Right. Whereas two days ago, they were just cruising along. Dudes just walking around breasts like forever twenty one that was it. Yeah. Now you see everybody else. And oh, yes. Yesterday, flat blade flat bed. Trucks pulled up in picked up most of them up. Where those come from like Bill O'Reilly said somebody has to fund that somebody's paying for it. Well on November. I I'm going to buy you a taco, Jen. Really? Yes. It's free. So cheap. Get you a taco. Still a taco day for Taco Bell happened because..

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