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Here's a question from bobby and it's a question that i could have sworn we done but apparently we never have remember her. Bobby says my name is barbara. A very common name for women at my agent switzerland in twist german. The word for doll is bobby b. a. with the hula on top by which is a rather old fashioned nickname for barbara. Bobby also a nickname. Barbara is one of the most famous goals in the world's warranty ago is found to say most. Just go for like. I don't know but i can't think of a more famous dolan. Bobby ever woody chucky. Why is bobby the doll cold bobby. And is this connection between my name and dolls a coincidence whether any swiss connections in the developing center of motel six years ago. So bobby cooled barbie because they are named off to the fifteen year old at the time barbara hamdullah. Who was the town of ruth handler. Who is the woman who i saw a dull and decided to make a version for children. The dull that she sowo does have a swiss connection because they were on holiday in switzerland when they saw it. Oh wow and what they saw was in fact a german dough which was cold lily now. Lilley was first made in nineteen fifty. Two lilley was a call girl. Oh and dull yes. She was deliberately sexually suggestive. Sort of wise cracking kind of betty boop vibes. Basically imagine that but in foot long adult novelty toy that is what regardless. All on her holiday switzerland in nineteen fifty-six surprising lilley has self was a spinoff merged from a successful comic strip from the newspaper. Bild some pool joke would be a policeman telling lily two piece swimsuits or legal and she says in return in your opinion which partially i take off so you get the and they were sold basically for stock days. What say stag dues with. Pay with dole's well it would just exactly the same as now where you see. Hen parties welcome john cokes. Like it was a funny bachelor party gift to have like a a buxom to breaking sexually suggestive. Dull men might give it to their female partners as a sexually suggestive gift but it was. It was an adult novelty but inevitably. They were appealing to children as well increasingly and recently just managed Exactly the right time she had barbara with those fifteen am was intrigued by them. And she What would a seven-year-old make of this and the breakthrough idea that she had was taking this idea of dull that had adult female figure and put it on adult children. That hadn't been done before all dulce with children until that point that had been mass marketed in the usa were babies or toddlers whereas this was a woman for little to play with k. It's uncanny. How much bobby looks like. Lily it's a pretty close rip off. I suppose at the time. If something was popular in europe americans might not know about unless it been marked it over there but you probably a lot safer to rip off something from abroad now. What absolutely get out clause was this is different. Because this market kids ladies rattles. You know the fact that children were playing with lily was put side. This was specifically marketed. At kids and it was kind of controversial toy by toy was skeptical. That children would want one and the original. Rl pay was three dollars to get parents to buy it cheap like they went michaela of money per bobby but the idea the kind of real revolutionary idea was what the co founder of mattel. Elliot handler colds. The razor and razor blade technique. Which is the money's in the clothes. You buy the item. Then you have to keep accessorising. It's like the money. And sodastream is the canisters punching prints cartridges classic. One exactly. the bobby was always cheap and still is quite cheap twenty dollars but then it's twenty dollars to buy a new clothes every demons. So how did they cheese. The nickname for barbara just returned daughter was co barbara yet. Simple as that brief handlers. Southern was called ken so latifah for that. That's a bit weird. Because bobby kennedy not siblings. Even though they do have a sexist sibling vibe. They do a swiss bobby by the way. An actual explicitly waste bobby in medals of the world series in nineteen ninety four. What did that like. A hodgepodge of european influences exactly as you would expect to american executives to create. If they've never been switzerland they say she's got the influences of many countries including germany austria. France and italy now will be switzerland in the middle of those places button. It didn't let's to the top of her dresses. A fitted discipline light with puffy sleeves has scarcity's read with the flower print. She also as white socks and black shoes and have raided long. Hair is talk to the wide-brimmed sunhat with blue ribbon and red flower. Then screams swiss. What would read swiss to you. Only if she was covered in fondue and wearing lots of watches. This thing isn't it. Yeah or yodeling like you end up in cliches. That are worse than what they did. Yeah if she was a banker. We have a question of another fictional character. Now from david who says my dad always told me that his granddad was a friend of arthur doyle. How family nine back then was homes. I know this is true. My dad's mum's maiden name was irish homes and my dad. Not the most academic alliterative people told me the legend that one day doyle came for dinner and was telling my great granddad about the idea he had for a new detective character but wanted a name and a distinctive appearance him. The homes family so the legend goes had a plaster bust with a hook nose pipe and deer stalker that the family had nicknamed sherlock. So hell announce me this. Is it possible that this is where doyle came up with the distinctive looking name of his most famous creation. I'm convinced my dad wouldn't have made all of this up. But maybe he was told the tale by a relative who had made it up. Well how much is shell. All kinds look created by conan rather than the screen adaptations thereof roy while the the stalker only came about when the stories were illustrated in the strand magazine Which was nineteen ninety one so is an iconic look but was only drawn wearing the disc happy calls it was a mystery warriors visiting a country house and solving a mystery that vote shoot..

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