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Love this first name great main johan johan tyler uh he he's he's a great receivers well so he's got some kids to throw the ball around two interesting thing on this though no both coaches brice round and jerry phillips to actually car a lump so coach fields coast neat coach at eastern against his along carpoolers named your call and they don't play by uh and right now is the now some of the things some of the fund you can have that need if he gets a year ago hanging out alaji would dell at an arch you matt allen jubilant who allenwood delon also brad illuminate the wbal esquire play by play a game of the week for the alsitri will preferable roundup and also cohost of the allstate jubal preferable round up his alan what l coach lou valdan we'll be out in lake shore and rain and i've asked you about lakeshore all year long alan there's an upandcoming program and men they've they've they've had one heck of a season i got a chance to go to the dome against against rain low argue with them talk and in trying to figure out if a program in a school as newest lakeshore has ever got to the domed this fast i mean this is a school that wasn't there you know that's not that long ago uh it's a it's a growing community in in st tammany parish do it you know a lot of those students probably used to go that they would have normally been in the foul blue attendance zone it's broke broke off now they're in the lakeshore ten its zone and this is one of the best stories in the state i mean they're thirteen or no they just absolutely demolish now now i know this is at one of the good neville teams i mean but it still now they're they're still coach barbecue mccarty they're going to be very well prepared they're going to have athletes in lake sure just put it on them now i ran as.

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