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Four percent fifteen year fixed rates three and five eighths. Okay. So are you getting a lot of refi refinancing purchase? But what are people's why is there a resistance to refi? Well, I think what a lot of people worry about we've talked about this is they weren't going down time the bottom of the market, and they think well, just wait. They don't have to. That's right with our interest rate guarantee. You do not have we've got to. We'll talk more about that. But if you're thinking about it just give us a call. We got our experts say, hey, Sherlock, Holmes was in. I feel bad for these kids. I say kids young young people bought this home, its man, pre manuafacturer, a manufactured home champion home. But it's not champion here at fault. But this this clown. Jim Matthews at Sherlock Holmes in Colorado Springs that he's doing a project in Yoder. It sounds like he slammed this home down did everything wrong, and it sucks, man. I feel bad for him. And Chris has an attorney now has to fight this damn thing. And all he wants his house done. Right. And it's no small thing. You know? And I sit here in spout out. Oh, yeah. This statute of limitation. You have that statue of limitations and the guy just going to go bankrupt, blah, blah, blah, blah. But I forget we're talking about someone's home, and Chris I don't want to sell you short here, bro. I really feel for you. But this it so many times people put everything they have behind a home builder and the home builder's just a clown. And I think we need to warn people. If so on the I wanna call him, obviously. And find out what his side of the story is Sherlock, Holmes. Mark. Did you give them a shout yet? You were going to call them. Did you give I left a message when Sherlock Holmes? Yes. We're not the only ones that have this problem with him. We've talked to other neighbors, and they. Have the same problem with him building that houses and everything just things wrong? Just done wrong done.

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