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Heloc said reading the one one is on the way that's infrastructure both guys tonight if done a good job at peppering zone for heloc cities beneficiaries only thrown fifty two pitches today seems like he's really settled in it's going to go out there the one to is cut on a miss struck him out fans little frustrated picks up his court strike down book it's like my interpretation hell alex is going out there you pay two dollars show you two million dollars in just shove get himself in a position where is next year he gets his earnings back up to where he believes he he keeps going i think you can earn up to four million extra dollars in performance bonuses offering downstairs strikes to catella martavis but yeah i mean you're talking about a guy who maybe not offer last year at five forty three era but yeah ticipant a much higher salary one on and that's up stairs it outside that salary at seventeen last year but cells that's it's a pretty big pay cut yeah that's under i love how we just drove know seventeen million around like that was at seventeen seventeen two to be exact two thousand seventeen with the phillies builds an oriels last year martell waiting at three oh here it is that's through there for a strike could tell by a single and a run scored on the peralta rbi triple partaking his sixth start at shortstop television fires swing at a ball ripped right field but right at harper's there to make the catch line out to right away felt book i remarked after his last at bat where he bought a fastball off it was inside on the hands he fought it off and shot into left leftfielder really good piece of hitting so that you you take away your proud of and then you carry the next bat well that time a breaking ball he got that front foot down kept his hands back just excel arated threw the ball unfortunately a bullet right at the right fielder i offering here zach godly is in for a strike.

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