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What's willett laugh at johannesburg fact because he he cutting several copies of his book he said that to meet some of the artists living and working in the city including the eminence david kalami born in the johannesburg township of alexandra in ninety eight colo money is considered one of the most influential artists of the apartheid years since the 1950s he's being depicting black life in the city in fold colors and swirling brush strikes color one he was one of the founding members of the first black gallery in south africa and he's actively provide muchneeded places the artists to work so back to our guide will gone putts he went to meet him at the bag factory a disused has seen by factory which color on he helped to turn into eighteen studios back in 1990 by obscenity outside an old 1930s building not very big white stucco painted bit run down and is here twenty five years ago this place was turned into an artist studios and became kind of the jumping off point for contemporary art in it and africa the other places capetown botswana copied this model of creating a smooth space for artists which they could word of one of the artists who resides within spaces david kalanick lose they will never expected artist we spoke about apartheid i thought very movingly at a time when you decide said it was really about the police ticks of space moldan the politics of people where people were allowed to go and should be an hair working away in one of a small units i this is a makers paradise if you like artists tedious ago love it back fracture this pain and pg materials and poces carlsson also see this chopping block says bins as a busker wheels touched additional maybe hallowed david cohen unwelcome puts from the bbc news moved through let me talk about the back factory how important as as being as an artist space were every move tone most of my life cooper a deserves a urges because impulsively closer refer the turks or were to producers the hoses are uniform or oil have room for change irrespective of the number of occupations group twenty people were moved to a different code there was politically knows phase two or botari deserve a juicer leslie for others plo barbara those were most overarches up performer murders growth overrated refused the regulations of.

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