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Mandeville or job part of her mouth made a big incision. They cut out the squamous cancer. No a surgeon cuts at a person, they should cut out the cancer and never. Touch the cancer. It should never come close to the cancer. It's called margins as with surgeries about well this doctor cut right at the level of the cancer. Which means most likely he spread the cancer cells number two, he never told her that she could have other treatments. He never told her that she could have non invasive treatment. He never told her. She could have radio Surti never told her. She could come to Dr Liederman and avoid this radical forming surgery. He never told her that he'd never told her about combined modality therapy. He operated on her. She ended up in the hospital for four months with infections pain, convalescence four months finally gets out of that super-duper hospital after four months, and she goes now, she's going to a local hospital in the five boroughs, and she's offered radiation the radiation guy. They're never told her that she was at high risk for recurrence because of the close. Margins and never offered her combined, modality therapy, combining chemotherapy and radiation. Why will that chemotherapy consensus the radiation to make it more effective? He treated her between the surgeon, and he they tritter in within months. The cancer came rip roaring back. She now has had chemotherapy she of immunotherapy the cancer keeps on growing, and it's growing in the left side of the face from the level. The brain all the way down to the next yet. Chemo didn't work at immunotherapy didn't work a lot of people are chasing. Immunotherapy like at something. Miraculously it didn't work, and then touch or the cancer kept on growing the doctors told her six weeks ago, she has six months to live that in-state you're up. They didn't offer any other treatment and she called us and came in for evaluation. This week is a sixty year old Russian woman loving husband those in New York City, and I saw her and we staged her up. We got our staged up completely to see number one. Where the cancer is how can someone tower long to live? They don't even know where the cancer is. That's what's going on here in New York City at the super-duper big place says ROY staged her up. We found the cancer only in the area of the left face. But now it's very extensive in some the basis go really aboard the brain is all the way down to the neck a mass of cancer. She's in terrible pain chin barely open the mouth. She's suffering. She's on pain medicines narcotics and really suffering terribly along with her husband who's giving her loving care. She came to us. She asked about all the options. And here we talked about all the options is the first time in a year, go knowledge super places and elsewhere that we talked about all the options, we analyze the case gender stood. Why the cancer came back gentle? Understood why combined modality would have been better. Now here she is to get our treatment and she wants to live. She is very motivated and has decided to proceed with treatment who disc-. Thus all the treatments that we've offered our treatment plan the treatment, and we will start treatment to try to shrink down this mask when all those other treatments surgery standard radiation and chemo immunotherapy hasn't helped. And in fact, the cancer descru- through each one of them. This is the kind of work we do here at radio, Saturday, New York overnight, huge experience I in America with body radio surgery. I in New York with brain radio surgery brought for obvious reasons like for this woman to try to get her better when all the other treatments failed and they failed with great complications. But I'm still Liederman. If you want more information in call for a book with DVD just give us a call.

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