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Very cool good for you to the delayed i get it like a lot of you will come to me they will hit me up on twitter or something big has finally saw this movie and it might be one touch seem every now and then slater who so i i have not a thing but do you recommend it was a good i do yeah like that's that's a little more sexier ocean's eleven e okay uh it's it's fun uh but kid dinner thieves man i i know people were trying to compare to heat you know heat june it was trying to compared the of the he'd yeah yeah but i i liked it i was just talking about someone at the show that i was at the two nine it was just like it was fun it was fun you know there but i sentimental factor for this one i think that my mom and dad and i went to see this together and that very seldom happens oh wow so that that was i think that holes of value in and of itself denzel being a cool um detective uh you know the cat and mouse thing with yano clive owen jodie foster looking surprisingly joy foster's always been attractive on i never had she's she's attractive with it was something about those uh i guess her shoes was the mano the law on on even older christian louboutins lubaton year she was just looking she would seem looked great it was just for fun movie and i remember the the directors commentary of this this is one thing that i appreciate about spike is that listen to his directors commentary you can tell of it he loves making films ryan he's a fan of the performers he's a fan he's like he's looking at his film like he'd indirect it like you know it's like with line objective join of you like oh wow like yeah this is interesting exposes the yeah yeah and like that sequence where god would is a woods oh my god you can probably helped me on this when they were trying to figure out the languid it wasn't bulgarian it was on my own the stuff that was in the safety deposit box or like some of those baird's yeah it was something that they like it was between the police officers and they got this.

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