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Dirk had fourteen points four rebounds you had dennis smith junior with eighteen points a rebound eight assists shot two sixteen jj brea had fifteen points five assists shot six nine once again the mavericks won that one one fifteen to one zero nine for the next game we have the denver nuggets facing off with the indiana pacers and denver one this one when oh seven to one four for the pacers you at pictoral the depot with twenty five points seventy six rebounds shots in nineteen miles turner only had nine points in this we daddy's young with fifteen points ten rebounds for the nuggets you had paul millsap with fourteen points seven rebounds will barton had twenty six points ten rebounds five assists jamal murray had twelve points seven assists for rebounds and then you had nikolai yokich with thirty or thirty points seven assists six rebounds eleven to seventeen four six from the three one and like i said the nuggets one that one one seven two one four currently a half game back in the pelicans for that as far it'd be a real shame of the pelicans didn't end up making the playoffs we had the lakers facing off of the utah jazz and the jazz one this one one seventeen to one ten for the lakers you had kentavious caldwellpope with twenty eight points five rebounds shot eight or fourteen five nine from three point line brook lopez's at eleven points you had cow who's mobile twenty six points six rebounds and then julius randle had twelve points twelve rebounds for the jazz had ricky rubio with thirty one points eight assists six rebounds dot of mitchell had twenty six points six rebounds rudy gobert had twelve points sixteen rebounds off the bench jae crowder with twelve points shot three of nine three seven from the like i said the jazz well one one seventeen to one time then we have the kings facing off with the phoenix suns one team won and lost at the.

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