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Who's never raised his voice or raised his hand to any of us He's a gentleman who worked his whole life. He's a he's a war resource management die are. That's that's the thing as a corps of engineers guy in the in the military. He had passion for rivers olympics his whole life. If there's a flawed around the united states you'll still hear from a jerry galloway talking about flooding on the mississippi It's he's got a passion for his job. He's got a passion for his family and He's a great role model for me to try to live up to. What's your birth order. John where are you in the six. I am the second youngest. I'm one of six as well. I read nat. I'm number three the middle child. So hey john. This has been so good anything for me. I'll give you the last word. Anything you want me to comment upon a do You talk a lot about bram purpose. and in the world. Today i think the thing that i struggle with a little bit in trying to get my hands around is where brands should or shouldn't inject themselves in conversations. I'm we went through a lot. You know last year. This exact time about brands putting themselves into conversations. I'm one who believes you know. Every brand doesn't have to be a part every conversation. But i'd love to understand your perspective on that in any advice you have for For me and for daiva. I think you're people usually have good instincts in this and and certainly your history gives you guidance in this as well so i i agree with you we are. We are not in the. We're not pundits right as brands were here to to help life in some way based on our history and our products and our culture help help make life better in some way for our customers and society at large. So i think it's about what the brand with the brands employees care about. They care more about your brand than anyone. They care more about each other than anyone. Their instincts are usually right when they feel like. We're being too quiet about something or two vocal about.

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