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And so my my confident started really really Going Downhill and then my performances started going down. I so interesting. How like Once you became a full on professional athlete it you Kinda Within his fun is it is it. I always like when when I'm talking to fight is that's the biggest like maybe the fans don't care about Bob always so interesting. That transition from being a hobby being a lifestyle too like okay. This is my job is that it. Was that a weird move. It was Kinda weird when I after I won the injectable I moved to Arizona and I went to the lab and the lab is a super tough Jim. It's full of superstars and so when I got there I was just getting my ass kicked every day day in and day out and I thought man maybe I just need to work harder but I've always been a real hard worker. I don't think that was the problem. I think that I was so concerned about People thinking that I was a good fighter that I was. I started really overtraining myself. I mean when I look back at the workouts. I was doing at that time. I'm like Oh my God has just so overtrained in so under confident in and that's such a bad mix for any athlete any athlete in sport. You can't be over. Trained in under confident has to be the other. You know you have to be really confident and you have to really pay attention to your rest in recovery and make sure that you're firing on all cylinders for your practices better practices. You have the better. You're going to perform and I was kind of doing the opposite. I was working so hard in doing so much that my practices were really bad and I wasn't having good sparring sessions. I felt like I wasn't doing very well at all. And I think that site I could show up. I could fight like I thought Sarah McMahon and it was a split decision and I fought list Karma Razor close like even with a Caitlyn's UK again. It was a super close fight. You know but they were all still losses and The coach that I had the time was like you're not ready for the UFC. Like you know you got into the UFC too soon. You don't have any skills. You're not skillful enough up to be there and and I believed him like that's my coach. Of course I believed him. You know Now I know looking back but that's not true it's like if you walk into the UFC and you find a title contender. Like Serra McMahon to split decision that means you belong there that means you do belong but you are good enough to be there if you go and fight somebody like Liz car moosh. Who is a title Challenger in strikeforce and the UFC? And you have a razor thin decision. That could have gone either way than you are. Good enough to be there but these are just lessons that I have to learn through my career that I think every athlete learns. I just had to learn it on a really big stage. Offense does et my answering your question. Okay do you We we had a similar conversation with Israel out of Assan. He says one of the things that separates him from other fighters is. He made all of his mistakes before he got to the DNV that he's like E- even in and out of the Octagon. He went through all the growing pains before he became who he is now. Just engaging in. I actually talked about this on the fighter And he was like man. If I could give any fighter one piece of advice. It's to lose early. You know lose early in your career so you can learn how to deal with it out of fall down yourself back up Anna. I just never had that not only had. I never played a sport but I never lost until I got to the UFC you know. And it was just a really heartbreaking for me. It was hard for me to wrap my head around. It took me a long time to separate like losing. Losing a match has an athlete does not mean that. I don't belong there. It doesn't mean that I'm not a good person doesn't mean that I'm bad at what I do. You know. It took me a long time to learn that losses really are just part of playing sport. You know you win you lose and you just have to do your best. Pick yourself up and go on to the next. But that was a hard lesson to learn even on the ultimate fighter. I was still learning it. You know it was very hard for me and Belton fighters actually kind of what I think broke me of that a little bit you know. And that's why I was able to have such a good performance against barb in Great performances really set. Ever since I've had I think I didn't perform well when I thought Jarrah but that's kind of a different story but yeah after that I really started having fun because it was like man. What are you doing this for if you're not if you're not having fun like why would you go through all of this and literally get into fistfights daily with your teammates and then with your opponents if you're not enjoying what you're doing yellow what you're saying about sort of a loss having to realize that a loss you know is not the was not the end of the world and is not an indictment of your skills and your talents kind of loose back to the the question started this discussion about Ronda? Rousey you know After she lost of course after a one loss she's a fraud she was never good. Her opponents were never good again. I'm on twitter a lot and twitter. Everyone on twitter is an expert and I know that when when a fighter loses or does this they were never good Also there definitely be scared of their next opponent. If they like shop next. Were definitely scared. We know that you know you guys. You guys are scaredy cat guys. Don't WanNA fight anybody so yeah it's funny that you mentioned that because that again that does go back to what we sort of the whole Rhonda. How easily kind of like one loss like? I'm amazed that you guys can get over just because like you said it's a personal thing but once you're a public figure and you gotta take all this crap from all these people and and this negativity and just kind of to block that out. I don't know rebound under. Go back to work again but you know my husband tells me a lot. He says it's a different kind of bravery you know To put yourself out there and to be willing to to not only lose the fight but then face the humiliation that can come afterwards. You know he said it's just a different kind of bravery that athletes have where they're willing to put themselves out there. But I think you know even like having like a like a cool podcast or or show or something like you guys. Put yourselves out there too. And then of course. Everybody on twitter and INSTAGRAM and facebook. Hasn't opinion about you guys do in in now they can tell you that opinion anonymously and it really is kind of interesting but down. My husband tells me a lot in the different kind of bravery so I try to remember that. Well didn't you hear Lauren? It's our fault that the original UC to forty nine canceled. I did hear that. Yeah sorry about that. Sorry my bad bean right. Everyone's way hut on me. I mean it's pretty powerful. You know the questions we got Casey more. This is actually is directly forlorn from Benjamin Button at Benjamin. A bunch of numbers. I'm not going to be off. Why did she leave the lab? And how's she liking Texas? This many huge improvements going to one twenty five is that because of the weight drop so two questions or measurement done. Why did I leave the LAB Last year a lot of fighters the lab There was actually kind of a mass exodus from the team at the last year. for me it just really wasn't a good fit and so we've already talked about what it was like to be really overtrained in under confidence And for me it was just a really bad mix and I I did my entire career through what not my entire career. I might year two thousand thirteen when I fought for legacy and Mike. Three fights in INVICTA I had done fighting out of Texas and I had a coach out here that I really really loved in for a lot of different reasons. I left him and I went to the lab which I don't regret I don't regret my time at the lab. It made me a much better athlete in and it. I really improves my skill set while I was out there but it just wasn't a good fit anymore end I was really. I wanted to be with a coach that respected me and loved me and believed in me and for me I felt that was going to be so important for my career And I knew that that my confidence was really really really low and I could not continue to compete like that and so When all those other fighters left the lab I left the lab to and a lot of them ended up staying in Phoenix. But I just have to have the opportunity and the means to prove the Houston so we did and I came back here. With my old coach and I started investing a lot more in my recovery. Any like she's tired of this she's going to bed. No I just. It just made sense to me to be out here. The coach to coach is actually the just really believed in me a lot. I came out here and everybody was like a very excited to have me like I just felt such a difference in so I pay a lot. Mark Mentions my recovery. I'm not overtrained anymore. I feel very confident with my skill set and it just made all the difference in so I think that's actually why my performances have gotten better but yes going to one. Twenty five is helped a lot too believe. A lot of people lost the fight ready. If I'm not mistaken. They followed Eddie to fight ready at hours. Yeah Yeah and there was a couple bandmates that stayed at the lab like Sean o'malley Mario Cuyler Phillips and they all trained with really well together. There's you know they. They still do have a good team at the lab. So all right I think we'll have our last question but this is probably the most important one cat related. Okay Tyler Rasheed. Who's excited for the fights this weekend? Laws led I cannot wait. It's the best card ever. It's the best card in so so so long I can't wait and of course. I'm rooting for just engage because love me suggest. Moody. Y'All break breakdown of invoice. Oh Shit a Tony. Ferguson's a madman so as Justin. Justin really is like a freak athlete. When we're on the ultimate fighter Justin can literally there was like a big poll. That was a support beam for the for the gym. You know they. I mean they're in all the gyms and then they usually have a pad wrapped around him so that people don't run into this poll suggesting could run up that whole and do a backflip off of it. He's he's a wild man. I think he's just is athletic. Is Tony Ferguson He's got that knockout power. He's an outstanding wrestler I'm really rooting for Justin on this. I'm sure Tony's a great guy but Tony's got real sharp elbows so I think it is going to be a bloody fight Antonis got amazing cardio for a five round fight I hope Justin can get it done early. You're excited right. Does are shaking my head When the question was I ask because I think as we mentioned before look we succeeded in shutting down April eighteen and it was a big win for them and may media and then suddenly Dana White just says no? I'm going to do to forty nine anyway. And I'M GONNA on May ninth so you can imagine how frustrated we are after putting all that work in to try and shut down all these advances shutdown all your fights you as the get paid and don't get the fight and he's. I'm not excited bites. I'm very frustrated and the media. We'll get you Dana White. Who Will Get you get you? I will bring down this economy as nine does not happen. I'm tired of having a job. He should who who needs shelter? It's not even just to forty ninety three.

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