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But whoever signed him, I would be not surprised in the least if he had a great year because he's he's a game or do think of the games that guys. Wait. He's one Stanley Cup. He's fucking won gold. Medals MVP. I don't think he's going to be one of those guys quietly drifts away. I really don't and flair for sure exact- and like restricting what people are saying, Edmonton, really. Yeah. I think that would be a good up. I think I think they need a lot of slow guys. That's the thing. Well, they need a guy who can put the puck in the net. And got good net front presidents. What's Corey Perry does have? I know he's not the fastest guy list. Listen rio. Come on taking I'm telling you. What I'm hearing. I'm not the insider guy that's already in our boy, Whitney who's breaking the Hayes news can have mcdavid, Senate Perry Lucia. Right, this he could Vic David could make you get thirty revolt. Easy easy. Even with cross-checking guys in the back every about how about this before you got. No, no call. And they're the only hand and they were selling. That's it revolted a Stanley Cup goal. That's fucking six goal. And it was a snipe to, hey, we have open for you came up to the room. We were talking about the MVP's mcdavid, didn't go consecutive games here with oak getting a point. You imagine that feels? No, ever gone Concetta got rewrote gun consecutive months with the point. What else do we got on deck here? I mean, which is mentioned Corey Perry, and the Anaheim ducks did by the last two years of his eight years, sixty nine million dollars. Daily signed back in twenty thirteen nice. GM Bob Murray said he tried to try the trade, the fiery fuller, but he couldn't get any take. Obviously, that's a lot of dough. And I know we tend to read these buyouts like sorta matter of factly. But sometimes is underestimated. What a guy meant to a team and Corey Perry meant so much to Anaheim. That's deal for the team to buy him out. He was there for fourteen seasons. He's going to have his number retired some day you play the most games in doc, his ducks history as the most penalty minutes, he second all time in goals in game when his third and the system points, the guys meant so much to the team. So it's not just your routine bio day, we overpaid, you this guy was kind of a hot and soul for the team. So this is a big deal. Bob Murray said it was the hottest one of the hottest decisions. He's made in his lifetime making decisions as as a hockey front office guy. So it many times the people say that, by the way, everyone has forty three hardest decisions of the lives. Seriously? Yeah. I'm guessing a was man. I mean you, you played did you play more? The one game against him review. I don't wanna Butch another question. Who yeah, I played a couple of them. I always Chirpin for his peanut habit. I got a peanut head to so you do have a little hell tiny hedge ridiculous. Lock oh year. Here we stopped skating, and I was all I was just sitting in the gym for like two and a half hours on so bored, I was up to two hundred and forty pounds, I'll show you this picture later. I looked like you ever seen men in black when he shot the guy with the? And his head blew up. And then it slowly start I was like halfway before grew. Fully back. I look ridiculous. Beetlejuice guy from Howard Stern. Yeah. Yeah. Chief in that come on. What size fifty nine fifty. Do you have? Gorda stephan. That is a tiny head. That small dude, I a set squeeze into the one right under that used to wear seven quarter. When I had my afro like Fletch that ever coming back. I've thought about it. There's that awkward phase where just there's nothing going. I'm kind of pass it. Now I'm actually looking pretty good right now. Yeah, that's. When this fucker chirpy online about my fake you heaven, right now, though biz..

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