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Brownsville in east New York to this center right in their community. A North jersey newborn is doing well. After making his debut on the George Washington Bridge, Alison and Blake Goldfarb or on route to Mount Sinai Hospital from their home in North Caldwell last month, when their new son decided to show up on the G W Bridge headed coming out. Blake was instructed to stay calm, Pull over and deliver. He did so the minute they reached Washington Heights, gently grabbed him and brought him out. Jordan Harris Goldfarb Sber Certificate says Born January 19th on the front seat traffic in transit up next 49 degrees cloudy, dropping to 23 tonight. 30 to the high tomorrow from the 77 W ABC News desk. I'm Sara Lee Kessler. W A B C traffic in transit in Queens. Busy right here of the cross. Other Parkway accident being cleared South bound right around the L I e. That's causing delays and another accident south approaching the Southern State Parkway back and things up from Jamaica Avenue or looking at dust, some heavy volume here of the eastbound side of the B Q E coming in through Queens Boulevard because of a collision. In the Bronx is stall on the South bound racks over Parkway Approaching the cross. Bronx Heavy delays cross Bronx is bumper to bumper westbound for the brush around to the G W B big jam up on the North Bend vegan from the Triborough Bridge up to the cross Bronx and we are jammed on the South family gin from Van Cortland Park. I'm Jake relates talk radio 77 WNBC. Well, he is great American. He's in New York. It's a great American success story. He's involved in a number of businesses..

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