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No, she doesn't know that. She just like, okay. We'll bravo. You took over winner fell. But guess what? We're known for being great people with our fleets and battling in the seize the moment that these northerners here that you killed these these stark boys, they're gonna have your head so baby brother, we need to go back. Dion is like fuck that. I wanna stay here. Stay my ground. I wanna prove. An iron iron born. Thank you, our lows, and that I'm gonna stick to my ground. Although again, the thing that's so heartbreaking is that he betrayed rob. And he's trying to figure out his identity, but but he stuck here, and it really sucks for him. We'll see back at the wall here that Sam well discovers the horn of heaven, but whether or not this is gonna be a thing and season eight yet to be determined. But more importantly the introduction of dragging glass. And we end up finding out through exposition of same. Well, tall Charlie that one horn means what like white or not white walkers three horns is white walkers to is Wild Wings and one means like immediate danger. Rangers returning Rangers return. So we see a lot of that stuff happening. And let's see what else do I have here. Okay. We're getting closer to the war before episode nine Tyrian is freaking out. He's like listen, I need to. Do some serious shit here. And he's freaking out. Surtees acting very nonchalant. Rob is still winning the war despite the sprinkles of dumb character moments that we get with that. And although Ren leads assassinated status is right around the doors. And now we gotta deal with north. We gotta do what the Brad Theuns. The Lancers are not looking good here Christian. And we also see here that one of the dumbest things happening is, Jamie. Letting go of or Catlin letting go of Jamie here, and she was thinking, well, if I give away Jamie with the brand to king's landing here that you know, they're going to broker this this straight here to give back my two daughters because cat thinks that are ya in Santa are still back at king's landing. When we all know that is not the case. So we do see the introduction and the funny dynamic that is brand of tar with Jamie. We'll get a lot of that in season three. But seeing it happen and see two is pretty cool. And then of course, what else do I have here. This is a episode aid a girl that yet just more stuff with Talita and rob. And again, we're slowly seeing rob is falling in love. And we know that is not a good thing. Because later on he ends up saying, and now I'm probably jumping a little bit ahead here that he wants to marry this girl for now for always. And you know, what he when his mother's like, hey, listen, you need to keep up with your deal because this is what honorable men do. And of course, rob throws it back at her. You can't give me any any opinions here when you been messing up yourself, and guess what honors killed debt? So anything wanted to mention that. Now, man, I'm over here. Intimating this episode nine man, which are Boy George are Martin wrote. All right. So now, let's go ahead and talk about blackwater here. But before we do we see various in Tyrian develop a relationship, and we see that relationship blossom all throughout season to where he'd like, listen, man. I know there's this war. That's about to come out. But Danny has three dragons back in court, and she's got two generals that are not to generals. I'm jumping ahead that season three but more on is fully on her side. And just to let you know dragons czar thing and Tyrian says here that you know, what one problem at a time, which I thought was really great because there's a lot happening for him. And then we go into the battle of blackwater. We haven't talked about Davos here. I love this character so much Christian. You can tell right away the onion. Knight means nothing, but goodwill and faith to standards. He's a believer of hashtag team..

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