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We're dealing with an accident. Still, the inbound Lincoln on the helix, the unbound like in his 2010 of the George and 10 to 15 inbound over the Holland Tunnel. Traffic in transit every 10 minutes on the ones I'm Karen Stewart on 10. 10 wins Well, you are not going to be busted for doing it. But Governor, Cuomo says. If New Yorkers can, they should limit their trips to New Jersey and Connecticut. In fact, governors Cuomo, Lamont and Murphy releasing a joint statement last night, urging non essential travel. Back and forth between Jersey, Connecticut and New York that be curtailed for now, in an effort to stop any second wave. Cases in Jersey and Connecticut on the rise again. But Cuomo says, despite all this, the tristate is doing really well. We are not going up the way the norm in the country is going up. We'll hear from the governor today about a redesign of these red and orange zone lines in Brooklyn and Queens after two weeks of restrictions, he says. It has worked to reduce the case is, in fact, the mayor says the rate in central Queens of infection 3.3%. Now down to 2.2. We're hopeful about central Queens. Obviously, we have to look at data every single day. We continue to see what we've seen for the last few days have every expectation that the state eyes preparing to act to remove restrictions in central Queens. Restrictions in Rockland County apparently have also worked and pretty dramatically as cases are cut in half now. Glenn Shock 10 10 wins here in Midtown nation why there are 8.2 million cases nearly 221,000 deaths, Many of the nation's hot spots are in rural communities. Smaller hospitals There are running out of beds and I see youse a new CDC study finds hospitalized Corona patients are five times more likely to die compared to hospitalize flu patients. Dr Anthony Thout she has set a Corona vaccine could be available by the end of this long year. And if it is, he says, take it comes to the decision. Of the safety net because he is a vaccine. There are so many checkpoints there and make sure that the right thing, there's a lot more growth in roles really, to artificial intelligence or data science. First lady Melania Trump is still recovering from Corona. She canceled plans to campaign with her husband in Pennsylvania yesterday due to a lingering cough about the hot stones here in the city. Mayor De Blasio says he has apologized to Orthodox Jewish leaders for how the city handled the outbreaks. I certainly got very frustrated times when I saw a large groups of people still out without masks, but I think more dialogue would've been better, so I certainly want to express my regret that I didn't figure out how to do that better. And obviously, you know that one night in Williamsburg. I let my frustration and concern get away with me and I should have been more careful in my language, and I have expressed my apology for that before. In Williamsburg In April. Mayor de Blasio in a tweet was critical of a funeral for a rabbi. Even the organizer said he had okay the gathering. Mayor De Blasio says he and the police commissioner Shay met with Orthodox Jewish leaders yesterday with the takeaway. Being more dialogue. More communication is the way forward Thie NYPD, he says. Somebody cut the brake line on one of its cars. Back on the seventh, There was a fender bender in Queens and the NYPD took the car out of service. A mechanic found a clean cut to the brake line, and investigators there now checking for fingerprints and reviewing video. Last month, Cops in Brooklyn investigated a similar sabotage. And in July a vandal was busted after getting caught on camera, cutting an NYPD Vans brake line in Prospect Park. Well, 13 days till the election and President Trump campaigning in Erie, Pennsylvania, talks a bit about an interview he did with 60 minutes yesterday. You have to watch what we do to 60 minutes. You'll get such a kick..

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