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Hope you have the happiest of holidays the merriest of Christmases and we hope that twenty twenty is the best year you've ever had so Steve Bobby? Ah Bonnie talked in this segment of the interview. I did with him. He talked about Tony. Stewart coming on board as his teammate. At Joe Gibbs racing the gaining in nineteen ninety. I'm not into things really stood out to me about about what he said number one. He said that in essence. Tony was a good guy behind the saints. That somebody that some of us in the media didn't exactly get to see some well. I agree with that also agree that Tony was a good guy behind the scenes. Because I've built right behind the scenes and I can tell you. Yeah he's racist very competitive and okay. I'll go in line and say that he probably has anger management issues early in his career. But when you got to know him a little bit and he got to the point where he was comfortable with you it was a different person. The second thing that kind of stood out about one talk about what bobby was saying was it was very apparent. That body was trying his best to not say anything that he shouldn't uh he was trying to play it pretty straight I can understand that. And then Steve another thing that really kind of jumped out at me about this interview. He finished second to to Dale Jarrett for the Nineteen Ninety Nine Two cup championship and he talked about sitting at the banquet watching Dj except all of his accolades and and he said that he was very angry. Bread yeah because he wanted to be onstage. He had chased. Dj All year and he talked last week about the relationship that he had with DJ and trading information and when DJ was on. And be leaving. Joe Gibbs Robert Gates dates and DJ was helping him trying to open the door. A little bit. Get his foot in the door with Joe Gibbs and all that and bobby said that they talked every day about what was going on on and what they could do to get the rods that they wanted but not to ninety nine Winston Cup Championship banquet It's a different story. Yeah no I'll know that he's necessarily surly Matt at DJ. I think he was just mad at the fact that he had come up short right. He was frustrated. I think that's the way to put it. Bobby actually said that he hit gotten deals autograph back when DJ was in the Busch series. and Bobby Lewis running late model so I don't think it was again. I don't think it was anything anything in their relationships I should show. It's not personal is professional more or less because when they get on the track but let's face it things whole lot different than they are off. The track. Friends are friends ads away from the race track but on the right track. I don't know that you rice a friend maybe a little bit harder. You see that a lot so the year two thousand rolls around and Bobby Ebony is on point is he ever Steve He finished sixth in the Daytona five hundred that year. He dominates at Rockingham the next week and wins which moved him up to second in the point. Standings it goes to the top of the standings after Las Vegas which was the third race of the year and Steve. That's where he stayed for the rest of the year with the exception of just one week after the first Talladega race where he dropped to second behind Mark Martin was his year no two way it was his. I mean they might as well written him the check. You know sometime around July say but he won four races including the brick yard four hundred and the southern five hundred. Steve here's the one that Kinda blows my mind. Hey finished all but seven laps about that seven laps the entire year and he won the championship by two hundred. Sixty five points over deller now that is consistency. That consistency is exactly great. Winning the championship by that point system was all about over the course never mind. I'M NOT GONNA go. Hey wanted over the course of the full season and yes. He clenched it with a rice to go but that was his championship and he absolutely deserved. It earned it earned it and at Darlington the southern five hundred. There's more to that store than just a number in the win column. He goes out and practice to make a qualifying run on. He gets up to speed going into turn. Three and Steve. The throttle hangs wide open and he plows into the wall. And that's the very same thing that had happened to Adam. Petty and Kenny Jeannie Irwin earlier that year so that was a pretty big story. Absolutely it happened to Adam and Kenny at New Hampshire and tragic results. He told Jimmy Amy my car he said I. I think I'd better go to the Infield Care Center. Just be sure and of course he goes on to win the race. which was the big story? Bobby Bobby said that Dale earnhardt Jr team was like yeah. We got him now. You know they. They saw bobby being kind of ginger around the race car. Kind of banged up a little bit. They thought they might be able to only natural form to feel that way but bobby goes on to win race then. Bobby talked about winning the Winston Cup championship which was obviously the highlight of his career. He was the only driver ever to win both the Busch Series Championship and the Winston Cup Championship. He the and Terry are the only brothers to have won the championship. Is that right. Yeah Okay Yeah. I'm pretty sure that's the case. And then he goes to Daytona one of the next year kind of walking tall chess bowed out a little bit as he should and everything happens on the last lap of the two thousand and one Daytona I. Five hundred and and Steve. Bobby actually made the comment that that took a lot of the fun away from defendant. His wants to cup championship. Well that is certainly understandable and bobby was not the only driver if you will that way and I might add a whole lot of fans felt that way too big earnhardt heart fans just had the wind knocked out of well. I think what happened. Was the questions change from. Hey Bobby what's it like to defend your wish to cup championship. How you think your season's gone there? Were still those kinds of questions but always always always always that year. They're going to be questions about Dell earnhardt questions about safety questions about the device. Soft walls whatever. Yeah all those temp ix that you just mentioned took precedence over almost everything else. Steve if bobby eventually left Joe Gibbs racing after the two thousand and five season and after that he kinda bounced around a little bit did some time with petty enterprises and Jt Jack daugherty racing tad and Jodi and then he did some testing for a tamer to and then stave he kinda got to a place where or he actually enjoyed having a weekend off every now and then rather than having to go to the race track and be head against Walnut being as competitive as he wants had been. I can understand that because I think many drivers reach a point in their career where they think. Hey this crazy I I'm I'm never home I'm always worried about how I'm running. I don't need this grief and take a different turn so two thousand and nineteen. He Goes Bowman Gray Stadium to kind of hang out with a buddy of his. And then the buddy he is Kinda says. Hey do you wanna come back to the race track and then the BUG Kinda hits. It's in he winds up barring a car to run a modified race or two at Bowman Gray stadium leave of his since the Steve. I'm GonNa tell you. Watch the truth fans at Bowman Gray Stadium. They take their racing sears. Yes series now. Let let me ask you this. What is another just overwhelming piece of Trivia about Bowman Gray Stadium? Well I can tell you this. I've only been there one time. Relay that's right. Never had the opportunity to go except for this one time but I think one legend about Bowman Gray that I think is pretty interesting is that there was a young young man there one time who had a job selling peanuts at Bowman Gray Stadium and dreaming aiming about being a racer. Well he became a race driver and then he became a team owner and then he became a championship kinship. Let's see what's that guy's name I can come up. That say you can think of it. Richard childress children children. Children are see Richard childress got his start selling peanuts and popcorn there. But that's not the piece of Trivia that was looking for okay. Okay what you're looking for yours truly for that one Houston. Oh One. Summer drove the pace car at Bowman Bowman Gray Stadium there. I gotTa tell you was a highlight. How did the mock career well? The fact of the matter is great garrison who is the promoter. There Bowman Gray has been in his family since it began. His grandfather was Alvin. Hawkins who basically opened the place and and Greg Garrison went to church with me. Obviously I had asked gray about driving the pace car tomor to end the year before he had actually let me drive it. A couple of races aces and I rode with the regular pace car driver. Mike Norman for wanted the rice is that not and then we switched seats and I drove and Dan. Mike Rode Shotgun and then for the finale the modified races. He got out of the car and said I'm going to beat traffic. I'll see you later. Yeah so I'm driving the car solo. My very first not ever been in the pace car so that was a blast but then the next year I got to grab probably five or six Saturday nights because Mike Norman actually raised a modified and the nights that he would raise. They would call me to you drive the pace car so you talk about some experience. All right I gotTa tell this one story there was one night the track would get. VIP's come in and run the pace car and there is this one night where it was a mom and her daughter and mom was probably in her fifties or so and the daughter was probably in her twenties. Somewhere in their mom wouldn't feel any pain. You mean that mom mom was lit guys you gotta the device so and it was eight atomic year when the do sat on the grass pretty early at night. They called a caution and gun the pace car which was a brand new Camaro so it had a little bit of horsepower. Gun The pace car out from where it sat and when those tires it hit the do on that grass man I did a full on Dukes of hazzard. Slide there the Infield as trying to get onto the racetrack and Mama the whole. Oh time is just so that was one incident and then another time they called a Colin and I got to where I was going to enter the right track and got on the right track and I looked in Rivi mirror and evidently at least some of the drivers had not gotten the word that that there was a caution and they were bearing down on pretty heart gay. So that was that was interesting. I'LL BET but again I've said it before on the show. The pace car driver is the coolest job in recent. Oh that was such a coal summer and and finally Steve the Nascar Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony here in a few weeks..

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