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W segio any rebroadcast retransmission recount of his programme without the express written consent major league baseball the national football league inning academy of motion picture arts and sciences is prohibited very cool mike terrapin station makes sense to me not a grateful that finn ari june it i love for my entire all come on timeless zones mozarts yeah exactly enough fanta i i'm sure they're on the same level fiona dillon joins a sports editor at the daily northwestern and is firmly has a grasp on reality now as we're five what are we five games into and three now two in three my gosh the football season goes to fast course onto caller college park maryland to face the terrapins those who looked like jackson pollock had a bad launch and peaked all over his his his paint palette there those uniform addison you like hands i kinda go back and forth due to okay obviously both teams coming off of serious the downs maryland against ohio state i don't even think they cracked one hundred yards worth of offense against ohio state and really northwestern not a whole lot better three turnovers there are one of them we will forgive thorsten yeah claimed there we'll forget it because late in the first half i don't even count that but obviously not where you thought they would be buddy can you can you find a silver lining in the season maybe there where they should be if you take away that loss at duke who's a better do team than you know you're daddy's duke but maybe were we should be right now yeah i mean i think the season in sampson season really starts now yeah i had two games against two of the better teams in the big ten in the country you're talking about your wisconsin pence heir to the top ten teams the country now you have a the rest of the season right now there's only one ranked team michigan state and these are all winnable gains michigan state's at home iowa's at home not their easy you know playing at maryland.

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