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On chumps. Even some of the wild fires now burning in the West are among the worst ever, officials and other experts say Senator Jeff Merkley, Oregon Democrat. These are consequences of a warming planet. That have huge impacts huge impacts on rule America with our force with our farming with our fishing. This should not be blue red. That should not be ruler. Urban Merkley on ABC is this week the National Weather Service issuing a red flag. Wildfire threat warning for southwest Oregon, citing dry weather and strong, gusty winds gust up to 40 miles an hour red flag warnings already in place across northern California. More than 16,000 firefighters are battling flames in California. People in New Orleans and elsewhere along the Gulf Coast urged to prep for Tropical Storm Sally, which four can say could hit New Orleans Tuesday or Wednesday. Maybe is a hurricane Louisiana governor John Bell. Edwards says. Repair crews have already been called and warns around this saturated, it doesn't take much wind actually blow a tree over into the power lines and all of that sort of stuff. New Orleans director of Homeland Security Colin Arnold, We do have a mandatory evacuation for areas outside a levee protection. And that should be done by six PM today. That's Venetian Isles, Irish by you. And like Catherine, Hurricane Paulette headed for Bermuda is not expected to be a direct threat to the U. S. But an indirect one says National Hurricane Center is Daniel Brown, producing large swells already affecting large portions of the Southeast U. S Coast. Do so off the mid Atlantic coast over the next couple of days as well strengthen into 80 mile per hour hurricane It is forecast to continue strengthening today and it is going to pass nearer over the island of Bermuda early on Monday. There's a manhunt for whoever shot two sheriff's deputies and their patrol car last night in Los Angeles County. The officers are reported critically wounded but stable. $100,000 reward for info leading to a conviction is being offered by the L. A County Board of Supervisors.

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