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Coaches still say I won't do it because the percentages are slim, but they can still happen. I mean, Rutgers fouled up when it was up three, less than 6 seconds to go in this game. Bruce Thornton and I know you didn't see a GPS. I don't even know if you're aware of this part of it, but so they're up three they foul with 5 and change left. Bruce Norton hit both of his foul shots. The leads down to one, then Ohio State filed Caleb McConnell. He goes to the line, he hits one of two, gets to a two point differential, and then unlikely as it was, they wind up getting the three, the erroneous three Ohio State bada Bing bada bang bang boom, it wins the game. Rutgers loses. And so the chances of that entire sequence happening and backfiring on Rutgers was small, but it happened official missed the call. Proctor is across the quad one win and now Ohio State is up to 7 and two. Yeah, I am a proponent of foul up three. Like I'm a believer in that, but time matters as well. My understanding from talking to coaches who have done all the analytics on this is that the numbers say up three less than 8 seconds, the proper thing to do is foul. But it is not as overwhelmingly, it's not as overwhelming as some people like to say. The numbers do say you should do it. But it's not like 90%. It's like, I don't want to put a number on it, but it's not as overwhelming as you might assume. If you're a foul up three guy. I don't know if you saw this. Somebody pointed out in the YouTube comments. I did see this last night. Give credit where credit is due. It was John Fanta. I think Randolph childress Chris Mack were talking to Chris holtman after the game. Did you see this clip? I did not. It's actually a great story. So holtman is talking to them about the end of the game. And he said, here's the truth. The only reason I put Tanner Holden in the game is because he's my best baseball thrower. I thought Caleb McConnell was going to make two free throws. We're going to be down three. We're going to have to throw it the length of the court to try to get a buzzer beater. And Tanner Holden is simply my best player at throwing the ball the length of the court. The only reason he was in the game was to, you know, theoretically throw an inbounds. Like a baseball player. And as it turns out, since the ball gets McConnell misses the free throw, since I gets the rebound, gets it to Thornton really quickly. Thornton gets almost trapped just across half court. It looks like he's about to pull and then he's in the air and he's got a bigger player in front of him and so that's when he finds holding just inbounds but still in violation of the rules and then hold knocks down obviously the biggest shot of his career. But he wasn't even supposed to be taking a shot. The only reason he was in the game is to throw a pass. Well, okay, so a couple things on that one. Even more so, due to that he was not going to be shooting the ball period. Two, I know there are going to be some rockstars who've been listening to this segment for the past, you know, 6, 7 minutes like, why aren't they even mentioning this yet? The baseline angle actually catches Thornton's foot on the line. He was even out of bounds as he was making the pass. There were multiple gas here with this. And so someone in the chat also mentioned, why can't they review this? There was no, I am with you on this. I have talked to officials. I talked to the former NCAA director of officiating, who's now retired from his poster JD Collins about this about if you have a game ending play, no matter what, why should it not be reviewable and they just, they don't want to add, first of all, we agree, there are too many reviews at the end of games. We agree on this, okay? And sometimes the reviews take too long. It is a plague on the sport. It's not just a plague on college hoops. It happens in many, many sports at this point. We don't want more, right? We want the action. We want to be riveted in the final two minutes of a game and have as few stoppages as possible. I'd be on board with literally getting to the two minute point and saying each team you get one more time out. That's it. You coach your team. You do this in practice. Let's not have three, you know, three, four timeouts per bench here. And I wish that was the case. But they just haven't gotten to the point where if there is not a whistle. If it's just open play, gay men's, we miss it, we miss it, that's it. Ideally, yes, it would be better in this situation to have to arbitrate and have the right call there. It's just not a reviewable play because there was not an infraction that was caught by a whistle. And so the rule book does not allow for it. I would like it to be allowed for it on the final play of a game if something is determined, but I think that to use a trite phrase, I think that

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