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The Permian Basin is an abundant oil and gas producing area already one of the world's leading oil producing regions area in West Texas and southeastern New Mexico could nearly double crude oil production by the year twenty twenty three but who are the leaders behind this economic powerhouse Show is sponsored by Baker Hughes who recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes brand has an energy technology company they strive to make energy safer cleaner and more efficient for people in the planet Baker Hughes Hello Everyone I'm Krista as skinny thank you so much for joining us for Mian Perspective and I'm so grateful that you're here today because we have a special edition of Permian perspective for you before getting started I do want to thank everyone who has aired our podcast with friends and colleagues I really appreciate you doing that we have listeners now in the US Canada UK Australia Bolivia India Spain Mexico in the list goes on we even have three listeners in France so hello France we really appreciate all of you for listening and I also want to ask you to help our show out by taking a few minutes to leave a review on I tunes I cannot thank you enough for doing this we are appreciative of the reviews we've received so far and for Apple Choosing Permian perspective to be on their new and noteworthy list. Okay let's get started if you live here in the Permian you've probably heard by now that we have an election coming up with some big items on the ballot so I thought I would take some time Time today which is Monday October twenty first first day of early voting and go over some of the hot topics and share some voting information with all of you first and foremost I I want to say I will not be sharing my opinion in any of today's broadcast I just want all of you to be informed and know how important I do think it is to exercise your right to vote okay that's the only opinion I'll be sharing for those of you living in other parts of the world this election means a lot to our community because many of the topics that we cover here weekly on Permian perspective with our guests are the same issues that our community is concerned with when choosing elected officials infrastructure education health care roads and housing with that set. Let's get started. We have three candidates who are running in for mayor local businessman and incumbent Mayor Jerry Morales you can go to his website Morales for dot com local businesswoman Jenny cud her website is Jennifer Mayor Dot Com and local businessman and consultant Patrick Peyton Peyton for mayor dot com is website now all three are very impressive candidates who I happen to know personally so I encourage you to go to their websites read their BIOS and their plan form on the key issues facing our community and of course they do have a facebook page as well so you can go on facebook to okay we have city council district three we have five candidates I we have E. J. Baldrige and his website is EJ Baldrige dot com then we have Catherine Chandler and she has a facebook page you can go there chandler for midland a Jack Elad and also another facebook page lad for Midland Bradley James he's and Robin Pool and Robbins website is pull for city council dot com that is for our city council district four and just in case you're not able to write these down right now don't worry you have all of these listed for you on our show notes section so please feel free to go to the show notes and I have all the website links I have all that information there for you okay now moving onto city council district four Kimberly Crisp in her website is crisp for counseled dot com we have Lori blong Laurie blong dot com and Dan Corrales Corrales for City Council Dot com again I encourage you to either go to their websites or their facebook pages the midland independent school district is proposing the following bond and I took this right off of the sample ballot that of course you can find yourself online I will put a link to those as well so this is the sample ballots it says proposition a the issuance of a five hundred sixty nine million dollar bond school building bonds for the construction acquisition and equipment of school buildings in the district including the rehabilitation renovation expansion and improved thereof and levying of the tax.

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