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We are turning to the world of music and to get the latest news from that very sector. I enjoy now in the studio by monocle. Twenty four page reynolds a page. What are we starting with. I should say this is going to be a regular or semi regular new thing. We are going to attempt on the daily. You have even down. You've even broken down here into little formats so don't screw it up is what i'm saying pressure What are we starting with. Well as you said there's going to be before it. It might be subject to change. Perhaps i shouldn't voice exactly what it's going to be. It's going to be. I'm going to talk about dale. I'm going to talk about a launch. Usually kind of maybe in the tech world of music and then talk about a musical released. So we're gonna start today with the deal That is this week's deal between sony music. Entertainment and something else. Something else are. Uk's largest independent poke cost production company said it says sony music acquisition of a big causing company and this condo point so much broader trend that we're seeing at the moment within the global poll industry of tech giants Music streaming services bake labels wanting to get into that poku wild because you know way costas we can see the value in of course. But i think there's a lot of other people hunted industry minded people who also saying how kind of audio services a really really taking off quite interestingly I was reading about it. The interesting thing for music streaming services like spotify that got really into focusing as well amazon who have music streaming service apple of course who've had focused for ages. It's a way for music. Streaming services to kind of differentiate themselves in tons of content. Because of course they will have the same catalog of music but by acquiring different focusing services kind of offering exclusive poku within this streaming services than the able to quite different content. And so it's kind of a way for them to create some competition between themselves And you know we. We've seen other deals. We saw amazon by one degree that was in december for around three hundred million A huge american po cost network And at the moment it's looking like there's still quite modest who's emarketer suggests that the Poku costing will raise about a million a billion dollars In in ad revenue this year But i think there's kind of a bright future. Well let's move along to the launch. You mentioned spotify and spotify. Have something new up this leave. This it says here is going to be there. Rival to club house which was an app which sounded to me like more or less my precise idea of what hell will be like. So how he spotify thing going to be any different well. That's a good question. So i think th the reason that specifies is going to be slightly different is it. The app itself links People who have pre existing spotify accounts. I suppose to the app right. So if you already have a spotify account you can actually just log into spotify green room without creating another account for something They also have a feature which is if you host audio every so. Let's explain actually so to anyone who hasn't heard of clubhouse what are the sensually is is you're able to create a virtual audio room for discussions much. Let me in you sitting here. Let's say with hosts and then you can invite participants. Participants can virtually put their hands up and they can become part of the discussion. And it's all happening live to. That's what spotify wants to do with green room And i think what's going to happen is for people who already po cost or distributed. Poku three spotify. What they do is have a spotify green room virtual conversation perhaps for fans of the podcast and then what they can do is they can actually request that audio from spotify green room and then upload it as an additional podcast it also enables musicians. Perhaps you use spotify spotify for artists. They're able to host classified green rooms again with their fans. And then upload that audio afterwards so it's kind of Just creating another audio world. I think spotify and finally then what was and we've had the deal and the launch so now the release. What was the release you wish to discuss. So i'm cheating over because this song technically treating honestly this some technically came out last friday But it's chart entry for the uk charts happened today just before we went on air It didn't chalk quite as high as predicting it charted at seventeen as entry point This song is of course. New zealand's famous pop export lord. She's back with her new trucks. Solar power Have you heard it already or have not. It's it's a fantastic shoot it. I i listened to it. I and i was not fussed by it but then i kept going back to it. It's very subtle very is very you. Forex sounding. I think she said that this whole next upcoming album. She wants to basically sound like the sun. It also sounds a lot like a primal scream song from nineteen ninety. I don't you remember the summer. Load literally old enough to remember that when it actually came out at the time as a thing so so she's actually officially kind of said that the loaded actually sort of was the blueprint for this song or that kind of happened organically so i think she was in contact with primal scream and has said. I'm really sorry. I stole your song. But it did actually come out of my head so so they seem happy with it. And i think. I'm within my rights and probably not going to get a sued into oblivion by pointing out the loaded did itself bear certain resemblance to sympathy for the devil by the rolling. Exactly so you know. Perhaps the cycle continues. But it's a fantastic track is produced by jack antonoff. Who's with pretty much. Everyone under the sun he definitely. The man needs a holiday in the sun. Perhaps but i think we're going to listen to the section of it now we are. Lord is in fact going to play yourself page reynolds. Thank you very much for joining us. That is all for this edition of the monocle. Daily was produced by carlotta rebelo and research by sophie. Monaghan coons are sound. Engineer was steph jungle. I'm andrew mullet here in london. The daily returns at the same time on monday. Thank you for listening and have a great.

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