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The gang for ten days free get your membership plus the color coded chart and follow me for ten days and S. T. O. R. what's wrong with that is she if it works boy I tell you yet with that market collapsed we everybody woke up was down four hundred point just today our members were panicked is we had control she when you don't know the institution money's going in or out you don't know what the hell's going on you gotta rely on these people is fake business news networks I won't tell you the truth show was this officer still expected to drop it will be the annual earnings growth will come down to the smallest and three years because you still have the S. and P. hit a new all time high profits are coming down but don't worry sharks are still going to go up okay so you're telling me is companies are making money their profits are going down but their stocks are going up well my own little business and I'm losing money my company values not going up all I see if it's a public company the value stocks go up how the hell could that be she she should explain geo this range but it doesn't maker does it make any difference because if you have the color coded chart laws stage green then let's buy and that's what we've been doing the S. and P. B. S. impeached for two which is two hundred ninety five dollars back in October even though the stock market is going up twelve percent since then we know the most stocks SNP five hundred are not making money but yet their stocks are going up because the federal reserve they're pushing zero interest rates back to the CEOs do stock buybacks what we care as long as it we know it can turn red now if I didn't have this chart and I was in a stock I'd be scared to death in it are you kidding a stock markets up four hundred is sixty eight percent let's put that in perspective the doc Tom one up to eighty two percent there we have the crash after rallied eighty two percent the housing finance for Khan really eighty five percent had a crash or a four hundred and sixty eight percent we haven't had a four hundred and eighty to eighty five percent four hundred and sixty percent nobody's going to tell you when to get out if you would make you'll get up did you know when and you make money in a way down if you're making money please help St Jude about that what finishes up why are we going to the socialist government wise everyone's one solutions because they they're tired of getting screwed healthcare we got screwed on that March two thousand ten Obama healthcare this is the since two thousand ten health care going up a hundred seventy four percent this twenty two percent a year all they told us in November the toast of the working class got a three percent pay raise boy that look if you take inflation at wife set out in fact I think about this three percent is about eight cents an hour eight cents an hour if you take credit cards in the credit cards in the school loans okay credit card school loans and one more although she they're going about the costs going about eighteen cents an hour I guess the eight cents when a bunch of lies that's why people are upset in their wages are going up the tax cuts and jobs act ninety billion the corporations save people or to other to get four thousand to nine thousand dollars a check a hundred and twenty eight million households were promised a check between four thousand nine thousand and the first year hello how to twenty eight million households only twelve percent got a check for five hundred dollars just younger people are mad people are grumpy we were disappointed they receive the check and then shifting away money if you work for somebody if you work especially for a large company they're shifting money away from you away from a business investment plan which remember that money's must be used to give you a wage increase they're taking your wage increases the CEO they're taken for themselves they're taking a for themselves further management team for their partners we stock buybacks inicio alone his salary increased three hundred thirty three percent more than yours and they don't care they should be yeah they do they they should be trying to impeach trump they should be working to get rid of the stock buybacks made the CEOs the restaurant chain the partner's all rich where would this group this is why Sanders has a chance people are tired of the day don't understand socialism doesn't work the young kids don't understand it doesn't work okay Cuba the the the the look of Venezuela unbelievable it doesn't work all shells are not down for five months in a row the yield curve is flooding we have four red flags to tell us this market is ready for a crash negative housing starts negative pending home sales they give the devil with the good Georgia we got the Kerr visit and learning people are upset they don't have the shavings they're upset that my retirement because they get screwed out of a pension to a four oh one K. in the four oh one K. is not living up to what is supposed to be it's a scam operation you're standing twenty seven hidden fees any even even though you're sure there were four oh one K. you think you're rich you'll never get that money out in time when the market crashes it will yeah you get your money out in time of the dot com crash you to get your money out jam and jive with the housing crash did you know you lost that money to four K. thirty forty fifty percent sometimes more it's going to happen again you don't know when to get out go to my site tonight.

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