Vegas Raiders, Jon Gruden, Kirk Cousins discussed on Annex Wealth Management Show


They were disinterested or simply unprepared. I don't know what's worse. You'll see. At the end of this game here, the Denver Broncos will have more fight. And the Falcons Raiders game from Vegas standpoint, what the hell is Jon Gruden doing? Seriously. Can we stop with this ridiculous over the top love? Raiders, the silver and black added Chris Berman. I've that stuff's dead over. They had one shot. They had one opportunity. To continue their hopes and their life this season, and now it's six and five. They're cooked. They lose to a falcon seem going nowhere. Yeah. Raheem Morris coaching for his job. Jon Gruden. Clearly not. Bridgewater. Able to move the ball. This would be something here six seconds left. Kick from Sly Is gonna be pretty deep here. 54 yards. This will win the game. It argues six seconds, maybe have time to move the ball four yards. I don't know how much that matters. This is gonna be big. Here. It's no good. No good Vikings are gonna win. Often. Chad. BB game winning touchdown reception from Kirk Cousins. Look, Kirk cousins. Was able to lead his team down the field and score against a better team than who car and Gruden and Jacobs and all the guys from the Vegas Raiders are going up against. Carolina still fighting for something right now, it might just be barely above. Some sort of breathing level in water, but they're still fighting for something. Oakland Raider of Vegas Raiders are done this level. We've seen this before this year to nothing. Zero. They just They don't want to be there. They were unprepared or they're just not that good, And it's really a healthy combination of all three..

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