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I remember the first couple of years. That i was making youtube videos and working with people i had heat lamps that i was using for lighting and i would literally just take a piece of printer pre paper over it to defuse a heat lamp on my like you. But they're like two dollars at home depot. So you know you get. Which can you just put like a led bulb in there and is plugged in. It bounces the light often. And like i said you can get away with just putting a piece of printer paper over it and just taping it onto the front of the heat lamp and that worked as a really easy light diffuser nowadays. I i have a little bit more. I guess tech lighting situation from Mccue el gato. But i mean i always tell people work with what you have and you don't have to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on lighting until you're you know once you're getting paid to do these videos than maybe that's when you do it but if you're just wanting to make you just wanted to look a little bit better on your next zoom call. I think there are ways that you can do it. That aren't too expensive. Cube was a company that kind of made its bones with a really tiny light. You could fit in your pocket in. It's great like if you're taking an iphone out nuwan an alternate lighting source for night photography. And they're like waterproof they've got a magnet on the back of them's he can stick them to things. People use them with their drones for instance. But they've really kind of opened up a whole new category of products for people shooting video at home. What what did you get from loom cube. So i have the limit q. Panel go winch is a little bit larger than the traditional cube. It's a rectangle. It's about i would say about. It's about three by five actually about size my index card. But of course that means it's got you know a nice grid of about one hundred and something. Led's in there that in a really make your face pop and of course you can do the lighting settings and different light temperatures in the different contrast to it which that was kind of why i went that route again. My job at some point travels involved. So you want something small enough that you can you know pack with you pack in your bag but you can also adjust it based on you know whether the the hotel room has a window or not And you know you don't you don't want to have it. Be too bright and blinding you but you also want to make sure you got enough space space and lighting at that makes sense to to find tune in adjust so that you're not coming out. You know super bright or super shiny. As i call it a and i think that this was a good middle ground. Did that also has some tripod stands so it came with a actual tripod. So i can just attach it instead it down right behind my monitor. You know adjusted as i need to. Yeah and then you also mentioned using the algata key light which is a very popular light for this problem. Yeah so i have. I have an el gato key. Light actually have tuckey. Light air is on the way The air's just so that. If i need to move around have a little bit more mobility but the thing i like about the key light system is that you can mounted I also have the elga master mount system so there's like fifteen things attached to that thing and it looks like doc behind my computer screen But at the same time it gives me the ability to set everything the way i want it and then just leave it there and not worry about it but again the the key light airs are nice because you get that same quality lighting. But it's a little bit more mobile you needed for instance right now. I'm recording when what i call my remote remote office That way it's a little bit quieter. And if i were doing video presentations here which i do regularly. I don't wanna have to take my key lights off the mountain. Bring them into the other room and then set them up in there. But i can unplugged too key light airs and then just set them on the table and then present and still have a pretty good lighting solution and the l. Gado stuff is great. I mean they're the same company that makes the stream decks. Are you can attach the algata key lights to your stream deck. And they've got nice controls. I have really become a fan of a lot of their products. friend of mine. Mike schmitz just bought the low profile. Mike stand that they have that low. Where you can slide your mic and in and out without having this big arm over the top and they are answering problems that have come up with all these folks working at home. I think it's interesting that even even kind of in this time you had gotta which was originally a gaming there they gaming company for live streaming Kind of come in and address like you can use this for more than just gaming. You know you got to think about it like people who are live streaming and they make their living doing that or trusting these tools to look and sound their best. You know onstream multiple times throughout the week to hundreds of thousands of people you know. So why wouldn't you trust it with your zoom call. Fifteen people are giving a big presentation..

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