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Cans into pals twitter account the invitations are embossed with the three feather badge of the prince of wales at the top kensington palace understands us they understand us and they want they want us to know all the good details thank them to they have our back because this is what the invitation says his royal highness the prince of wales requests the pleasure of the company of and then your name is calligraphy in classic okay at the marriage of his royal highness prince henry wells with ms meghan markle saint george's chapel windsor castle on saturday nineteenth may two thousand eighteen at twelve noon followed by reception at windsor castle it's a lovely and of course queen elizabeth is hosting net and then only two hundred lucky guests are invited to the after party after the luncheon yes at all six hundred or going to the luncheon and then the two hundred get to go to the reception afterwards yes check our mail did we check our meal yeah all right listen we come back we're going to talk with a mom who has been living at the ronald mcdonald house and find out with the story is with her kid her family situation we come back brady asli on jason and alexis posted another picture of her demonic baby doll army there's one that looks like his wing way it was actually is the nipple of the bottle next to it i'm pretty convinced that at least seven of these are possessed the one at the bottom looks like you put it in the microwave it's like it's been baked in an oven we'll somebody's people's were really well loved some child had a lot of joy playing with that little baby and taking care of that baby rabbits waddling meeting it but the becker fai ceremonies bringing you everything entertainment jason.

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