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It's gonna be on my Google Home feed, like clay nukem, Steve rinella, and brutal. Yeah, yeah. For some reason that got to me when somebody was like, what a jerk. Yeah, I couldn't sleep that night. It's like, man, it was supposed to be a joke. I was at all off the cuff or did you have that scripted out sort of? It really is all off the cuff. That's what I thought. See, that's, you know, you want to, I like what you were saying about, you know, you want to dig deep and look at the signs and how people act. A lot of times this just, I mean, you just got the stuff to do it. You know what I'm saying? What we do on those videos is we at Isaac Neil, he films them and makes them, and he makes them funny. Isaac is great at making them funny. He does the edit and Isaac coaches me too. So like to watch an episode of meat eater and I will just comment on anything that stands out. So we'll watch the whole thing and I might talk for ten minutes. And just pick it. And he'll go, hey, hey, do that again, but say it like this, and I'll be like, yeah, yeah, that'd be funny. And so, you know, some things we kind of did over. But it's kind of just like off the cuff, just kind of slinging, slinging stuff. But it's a fine line because you don't want to like, you could really rip someone a new one. And you don't want to do that entirely. You kind of want to hit kidney punch him a few times, but then end on a high note. Because really the episodes are incredible. I mean, meat eaters like, you know, for sure one of the best outdoor productions ever. Absolutely. And so, you know, here I am making fun of it. Which is the humor of it. Yeah, exactly. And Steve rinella is a way better hunter than you. I mean, for sure. And western hunting. Yeah. You get him back here in these mountains in Arkansas. Get after it. Hey did walk up in here with his 22 though. I thought that was impressive. Ask him how many girls he killed. Okay. Sometimes when we go places, there's a thing in our family. There's a belief that I don't know how to leave. Like I can't get out of a conversation if it's more of a fact. So we go like we go to church, or we go wherever, and the kids are like, I'll wait in the car, playing the kids. So they've coached me on how to leave a conversation. I feel like the end of this bear grease podcast. It's sort of like, we're not really quite sure how to leave.

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