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Female character to play with two reiter won through three were good classic even to mirror anniversary was good the remake and the sequel played a sequel to remake was good the remake looked like it was very cool is it looked like it was actually like a a real kind of experience that you would have if you were some sort of random adventurer he would be i'm gonna say hello all gf bro halo had maybe three good games in the kildee they killed it yes how do they kill it it's been the same thing in the story of guiding more and more gouveia they've gone on player i think multiplayer peak that maybe halo three in my opinion i didn't like the last games multiplayer by mieno now i think about it the campaign inhaler forecast sucked oh wow baraan some random halo and there's is weird as like artificial intelligence robot thing that is a douche back cool cortana has been corrupted we got to savour spoiler alert you we could it she's dead tractors sexualizing our two which was weird with mater hot hotline officially intelligence gated my brain girl bush already video game franchise i feel like i be the i'd be lying if i said to me because i never had playstation one or two and that makes that rules me out of a lot of them to reiter changed the game when it first came out there was nothing now look to play like it when it first came out back in which aid was one of the first three games at aigner errors big for playstation like that oh man it's tough for me to say because i really haven't played as many fit the video game franchises that i have played i have loved them pretty much stick with them for a while i i there have been very few videogame purchases that i have made and i regret all all i have it i have it i have it i haven't i haven't matt in madden is the most overrated video game series because it is never as good as it could be it is never as good as it could be they peak demand two thousand six mad in two thousand six that game was good and then all of a sudden they go to the next generation and it took.

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