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Okay. Let me see final fax and that is under onto Murray effect is that to preserve their anonymity Michelin restaurant, reviews or advice to not tell even their parents while they do for a living. Really secretive. Yeah. That's why. So why is it so secretive is that so the restaurants can't spot them, basically? Yeah. Because I'm Michelle pride themselves on the anonymity. This was a this comes from a huge feature the New Yorker wrote about this about ten years ago. Actually. So a lot of Michelin company executives have never met an inspector. You are kind of allowed to tell your spouse, for example. But it's it's noise Apia bit suspicious. They should take them to restaurants everyday. Affording. You don't have a job. They do eat out. Oh, yeah. They have to dine out two hundred days a year. Driving in between places, and they have to fill out reports for hours and hours a day about they have to eat the maximum number of courses offered they can't get pudding ever. They have to eat everything will know play. That's true. They have to do, you know, whether the the whatever. Vegetables. All of everything surely is, hey. It's not like the last piece. Awful article says they have to eat everything on their place. Because what happens if one of the pieces off? They want to know that didn't they? If if they bring me five hundred pays too, many pins. Oh, yeah. The piece of great. You should make a note. They bring peace. I think the reviews. Why do they keep sending? We're never gonna give this dog. Well, I like to miss the Michelin serve we think of is finding but it wasn't meant to mean though. It was meant to be one star was very good cooking to exceptional worth a detour and three was exceptional worth a special journey supposed to be what how much it was worth making the trip. So there couldn't be that. There's a really good little Sasso to is worth a detour. So basically, a one Michelin star restaurant is not worth making a detail. He's only go to a Michelin star restaurant if you're walking past them. Next door. That's pretty fun. I was reading about restaurant reviews in newspapers, which is a similar kind of thing. Isn't it? This famous one whose name is Frank Bruni who I really like because his name is the plural. Frank bruno. I'm he. He always was a wig and fake mustaches. But the problem was that one of his books is early books had his face on the cover and then the dust jacket got on the internet. But you think you wouldn't put your face on the cover of your own book. You can't complain about your book. Cover appearing only internet. Maybe he didn't know that. He was going to be an anonymous review. It doesn't have many anonymous reviews those marina Laughlin who writes for the Sunday Times. And she always covers face with a plate..

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