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That's kind of a century them where my mind went. Yeah let's let's and we got to do these state department tours. Us is usa which basically they call them propaganda tours but we got to go to india and bangladesh. We got to go to a lot of amazing places and at a certain point. I realized that we had like an ambassador status so I started cabling ahead and saying find me musicians. I want to get there. I wanna jam with somebody and and started They people would show up. We get to a country and get to play with these these people and we'd start out like what is what is this like abbie. What is why. Why am i here. Why do i have to do this when we start to play and the whole room would change. it was like almost the color changed from this dark to technicolor. You know like the wizard of oz you know when you landed is and so it was such an exciting thing that was part of what made me feel competent. That going to africa could be that way because it had that experience over over and over again and when the flood tones got the opportunity to do a trip like that to the pacific rim. We made it a point that every country went to somebody from the local culture would come on stage and perform with us and it broke the ice like like nothing. It felt so great to do but that was favorite part of the show obviously for the locals because we were celebrating their culture and we taken the time to learn something their music which was really Great thing we both came to the separately and it's one of the and then we found each other that That aspiration that very kind of american ambition you had to go to law school and make policy change the world. This is a whole other way in to the same thing at a different at a human level they let you have said and i do again believe you really said this that the first time you heard abigail music. You're listening in the car and you've got stopped for speeding. it was out out franklin. There was just so caught up and she gave me in fact i. It's not really the first time. It's been slightly sanitized story. But what the first time i heard her. It was at a party and she was playing these very very sad slow songs with a bunch of girls gathered around her and i was going. This is just not for me. You know it was really. It was really slow and it was beautiful. But i was like okay. She's good you know. But but then she gave me this. This cd at this party. And i started listening to it. And i had a completely different experience because the banjo is upfront. There was this group to it and she was singing like you just heard her with this. Ancient sound very connected to traditional music. And i just started driving faster and faster. Wow i really like this. I was even talking to myself. And then i got pulled over and had to walk the line. Well i'm going to do my radio thing now. I'm krista tippett and this is on being today with musicians. Bela fleck abigail washburne in a public conversation at belcourt theatre in nashville tennessee him. It seems to me. Bela that your story is also about kind of not as much as it's about traveling through places it's about traveling through genres kind of i dunno as old star trek lever. Taking the banjo or no banjo has gone before.

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