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Everything we do is around two things. We want you to have financial peace of mind. And we want your money toe last as long as you do, and we call your retirement your second childhood without parental supervision. So that's what it's all about. And recently barons and named a more your faithful host. One of the top 100 independent financial advisers. Actually, they've done that eight years in a row. So we're very proud of that. But of course, without our beloved and most valued clients, we would be nowhere. So all your clients. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. All right, Let's talk about what we're going to talk about on this. Our weekly excursion into the land of retirement planning, so first of all, you know, I'm starting to feel like a broken record here and boy, If you even know what a broken record is, and you're old enough to listen to the shop just occurred to me. What's a broken record, Daddy? But if you've I'm starting to feel like I am a broken record. Because we're going to talk about it's all about the stimulus. It's you know, the vaccine is important. Don't get me wrong, but without a stimulus, we could still have significant difficulty in the economy. It's the stimulus. First the vaccine second because without the stimulus, and I'll go over that with you, but also, as I've been saying next year, I think we're gonna have an economy on steroids, potentially the greatest recovery. In the history of our country and easy to do when you started such a low point, so don't don't misunderstand that. But still and so a lot of optimism on our side for next year, So we gonna talk about that also. Since we're coming up on the year end. We're going to talk about the year and financial fitness check. So we're going to go through some things that you might want to consider doing before the year end. And some of these may say you taxes. Others may save your greedy, unwashed, undeserving air some taxes, So we got some ideas for you to go over with. With you later on in the show now also a zoo we do every week. One of the most important topics that we talked about with clients is social Security and how to qualify. How tow how to take it when to take it all those different things. It is remarkably complex, you know, And as I've said in the past, there was a gold medal for complexity. Our government would win it every year. They would, they would be the number one. They would be the Mark Spitz of Gold Medal winners or are Phelps of Gold medal. So anyway, we'll have the Social Security strategies for you later on the show, now also For those of you who've listen to show over the decades Now I can't believe that I used to say over the years, but now it's decades. For those of you who have listened to the show over the decades. You know that our philosophy is that you That growth is important, obviously, but protection of principle is even Maurin important, and especially for those of you who are going to retire. If you're retired, retiring within the next five years, or you're already retired. Protecting what you built because it's going to generate the income for you when you are retired. That's why it's so important to protect the engine of the income for you. So I want to kind of change the frame the framing of that and kind of talk about it A different way to help illustrate why it's so important. What would you do? And this is for those of you who are working. What would you do if your boss called you into the office? And said, You know, I'm not gonna fire you. You haven't lost your job, but I'm gonna cut your pay for 25% or I'm gonna cut your pay 50%. And they just tell you that and now thank you very much. See you later. And now you go home for dinner that night, and you are sitting there with the realization that your income just got cut by 25 or 50%. We'll go ahead. Make my day. Oh, I don't advocate violence, Jack. No, That's not the response that you wouldn't wanna have. No, you don't wanna go Clint Eastwood on him. Stop whining. So anyway, That's the question. I want you to ponder. Ladies and gentlemen, is what if you suddenly realized that your income was cut in half. And now what are you going to do? And so we're gonna talk about that? And but more importantly, what to do about that and how to protect against it. So we have a show that is chock full of info for you, but you know, and most shows would actually stop right there. Those cells would say, You know what if we didn't just that we have done more than our listening audience could possibly want from a financial show..

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